We try to have a lot of fun family traditions around the holidays,  a lot are just for fun and some of them we do specifically to help our kids remember the real reason for the season.

I love Gingerbread houses!
I’ve gotten lazy over the years though and haven’t been making them from scratch and last years I think was even out of graham crackers :) so I at least bought the kids one that was a little nicer than last years :)

IMG_6789_0397They had fun decorating it. Ellie had fun eating all the candy before they could put it on


Another one of our traditions is Sugar Cookies.
Always after we’ve rolled out the dough cut out a million cookies, filled a million cookie sheets and still are not done I question the sanity of this tradition. But the kids love doing it and they love delivering them to family and neighbors and are always excited to decide what song they are going to sing at the door this year. {Jingle bells seems to always be the winner :) }IMG_6831_0348 IMG_6832_0349 IMG_6835_0352

We usually have a Christmas Eve Dinner at Dave’s sisters but this year we had it at our house and had some close friends and our parents come over. {At first our close friends husband wasn’t going to be able to make it home till after Christmas, but he showed up and surprised her!}
Dave made me some bell pipe chimes and we printed off some songs and had fun playing {or trying to play} Christmas Songs
IMG_6840_0339 IMG_6839_0338

We also had the kids re-enact the Nativity while we read it… That was fun to watch and they did a good job with itIMG_6843_0342 IMG_6844_0343

Christmas morning we have the kids wait down at the bottom of the stairs until we get up before they can come see what Santa brought.
Dave usually likes to play with the kids toys and get them all anxious and frustrated :) wanting to come up.
This year though they had a stinkin long wait…. since they got up at 4am! I said no way and we had told my parents not to come by till 6am…. we ended up compromising and doing 5:30am but they really did sit patiently at the bottom of the stairs the whole time :)

Overall Christmas was great! This little girl loved trying to chew on the ornaments when I wasn’t looking
but she is to chubby and cute to stay mad at long!
Hope it was a Merry Christmas to you too!


Just life
Love. Play. Comfort. &  a Screamer {oh man a screamer :) }
birdsnest_0050 birdsnest_0051 IMG_5973_0216

I’m betting she’s gonna give ellie a run for her money on who is gonna be the boss around here

Little Turkeys

We had a great FILLING thanksgiving :) We tend to hit both parents on this holiday because they are both so close and it’s fun to see everyone.
Dave was recovering from his surgery earlier this week so there was a lot of couch cuddling going on
  The little men we’re super excited to have a chance to cut the turkey and use the fancy turkey knife
IMG_6581_0069 IMG_6580_0068 IMG_6585_0073
And all the little Turkey’s had fun watching Grandpa light off some fireworks.. They had all got their new Christmas present Jammies earlyIMG_6637_0125IMG_6639_0127
 It was a great Thanksgiving! We sure are thankful for all our wonderful family we have close around us!

What is one of boys favorite things….

……..Making Fire of course!

I think even those boys that are in older bodies look forward to the prospect of making fire and seeing stuff burn :)

Grandpa gave an ear to my concerns about  our weed patch that we’ve grown in our field and offered to come burn down some of those weeds
Payton of course jumped right on that bandwagon…
First he got the lesson on the correct way not to catch our house on fire or himself and than grandpa let him go to town
I gotta admit they didn’t burn down nearly as well as I hoped they woud :( but either way it was still fun for the “boys”
The cats on the other hand could care less about whether the yard was on fire or not
They were too content to just lay and enjoy the nice sunshine.