Happy 5yr. Anniversary !

Wow! I can’t believe it’s been five years. They have passed so quickly, I feel so lucky and amazed to have you as my husband for eternity. So I wanted to tell you, and I guess the world, some things that I have learned about you in these five years that I love, that I may not have know before we were married.

  1. You are an amazing hard worker- whether it be just working at work, helping family, doing schoolwork or working on our projects, you work so hard and I deeply appreciate it.
  2. You are very loyal, caring and true to your word
  3. You are an incredible Dad- from the first day I was pregnant to now you are always there, loving, taking care of them and playing with them, even with your limited time, And they just love you.
  4. You are a giver- whether sharing your talents, your time, your conversation, you always are giving.
  5. You have an amazing family which I love and feel so blessed that we have the support we do from them.
  6. You have an amazing temperament- You never yell or raise your voice, and your slow to anger and quick to forgive and compromise and work through problems, which has been a wonderful blessing to our marriage.
  7. Your Smart- you seem to excel at all you do, and I know that without all the high priorities we have in our life right now you would be a 4.0 student, I’m just glad that school and grades isn’t all that matter to you.
  8. You are so loving and comforting- You always love to cuddle, hug and kiss, something I love about you and the kids know that there dad loves them cuz’ you always tell them.
  9. You are spiritually strong, have a testimony and are worthy of the Priesthood you hold-you show by example your testimony and you “wanted” me to stay at home and take care of our kids, even when it’s been hard and alot of work for you.
  10. You are my best friend, emotionally, physically, mentally, in every way you are there for me and make me unbelievably happy, I am so glad that I have you.

Love you forever Yota,
Thanks for the last five years and I hope we have many more to come.

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  1. April 28, 2008 at 6:34 pm

    Congrats on 5 Years!

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