My calling in the ward is the Activity Day Girls, And I love it. It is such a fun calling and not too much stress. Anyways this last activity we went to the Temple visitors center and watched a movie and than we took some pictures of the girls for the next activity which we’ll be making some frames for them. There’s four of us leaders and we were all going to be taking pictures of the girls so we could do it really fast. Well Dave has officially adopted my little point and shoot so I took my DSLR instead. As soon as I took the thing out I felt (umm what’s a good word for it?) I guess shy and self conscious. The other leaders immediately wanted me to take all the pictures since I had the nicer camera- ahhrghh *heartbeat quickens, breathing becomes shallow, I think I’m going to be sick*- I kept telling them that I was no pro and that I seriously was just learning, but nevertheless I took the pictures. I probably should have just taken them on manual mode since my camera is more than capable of taking good pictures on it’s own, but I couldn’t quite think clearly (wonder why) so I stayed in aperture priority mode (AV mode) since that is usually what I’m taking pictures in. Luckily Lightroom is here to save my butt. On some of the pictures I had the ISO set way to high and the aperture set way to low, so I had blown out highlights. On others it looks like I got the ISO right but my aperture was still a little low, If you notice the background was way to blurry. Finally on some I think I got it right, but of course at the end. And the other thing was I didn’t take them in RAW format which would have been smart since I could have fixed those blown out highlights, Oh well I guess luckily it wasn’t anything big, cuz like I said, I AM NO PRO, I just like to take pictures and am trying to learn how to take better ones. But anyways I thought I’d share with you these cute girls, I seriously think there is nothing more beautiful than the girls that you can just see their spirit shining through, they are so pure and good, I hope they don’t lose it, like so many of them do.

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  1. May 23, 2008 at 3:18 pm

    Good pics :) I wish I had a DSLR, but since I’m not a photographer or anything I can’t come up with an excuse to spend the money on one lol.

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