I love this age!

I love the toddler years. They are so far my favorite. Their little toddle walk, and how they don’t quite have the coordination yet but they improvise to get it done,and just how cute and fun they are becoming. In my opinion much funner than the newborn age(I about die when I have a newborn, I have to have my sleep, and alone, away time to function right, and with a newborn that’s not to feasible, I’ve always felt like a bad selfish mom cuz’ I don’t enjoy the newborn stage or breastfeeding, but I trudge my way through it and than I get to enjoy toddler hood.)Some things I love that Brynley does right now are.

*She is a schedule, organizer lover- If anything is out of place she always puts it away, and she likes things to be the same everyday. She actually comes and gets me when it’s time for her naps and says “bed?”

*She loves shoes. Throughout the day she is constantly changing her shoes, since she only has four pairs she tries on brothers, mommy’s and daddy’s too.

*She loves going, Anywhere. She always is coming up to me and saying “go” It doesn’t matter where we go she just likes to go.

*She is so expressive. Her brown eyes tell all. If your new she’ll glare and hates it when you touch her- she’s constantly pulling away from strangers touching her. But after she warms up she is all smiles and laughs, I love just looking at her eyes and seeing all that she’s learning.

Thank heavens for toddler years.

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  1. May 9, 2008 at 10:11 pm

    LOL, I’m opposite. The newborn stage is so much easier to me, before they can get into things and make messes and say “No!” :D Jakey is going to be 2 soon and he is going through the “I do it!” stage. I’m so jealous that Brynley tells you when it’s bedtime lol, it’s a fight to get my boys to bed. For example, naptime is at 1, it is now 4 and they are just now going to sleep. Sigh. Actually Jakey alone would do good with schedules, but throw in older brother who hates it and it’s chaos.

    Now after saying all that, I do agree the Toddler years are fun, when they are learning new things and saying cute things and making you laugh and saying I Love You. :)

  2. May 10, 2008 at 5:24 am

    She’s adorable.

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