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So The wife tagged me to do this quirk tag, You name six quirks and than tag 6 more people.

My quirks- man I think I have many…….

#1 I’m slightly OCD and that entails a million quirks on my behalf, i.e. The clothes have to be hung the same direction in their certain spot in their organized sections (t-shirts, colored t-shirts, nice shirts ect..) I can’t hang a hanger that doesn’t have the gap thingy’s in it next to one that does, and all hangers have to match, I have to fold clothes in the same order every time, (socks, underwear, my clothes, Dave’s clothes than Payton’s and Brynleys) I put the dishes away the same way too every time, everything has to face the same way and be stacked nicely, but everyone does things right.

#2 I love cold water, I have my own milk gallon jug full of water in the fridge even though we have a cold water thing on our fridge I’m too impatient to fill up a glass, and I always have to tell every guest that comes to our house that I’m not chugging our milk. I drink sometimes a gallon a day, might be too much but I love cold water :)

#3 I have have to have my house clean before I go to bed, dishes done, everything put away and if my bed is messy I have to remake it before I get in bed and crazily I love doing this, I turn on Norah Pandora radio station and dance and clean my house every night.

#4 I rearrange all my furniture every few months, I get sick of the same thing day in and day out. I’ve become an expert on how to set our computer and T.V. back up after unplugging everything.

#5 I love writing on paper, I have a million notebooks around, Just to write thoughts down on and I take a lil notebook to church to write notes and thoughts down on, Whenever I’m frustrated or have to make big decisions I have to write my thoughts down(pretty much write to myself) before I can really think clearly, I wish the computer worked for me it’d save some trees but I just have to write it on paper for it to work :)

#6 If I start to read a book (a novel) I have to finish it that day no matter what time I have to stay up to, I try and try to put them down but my brain is constantly in the “book world” until I finish it.

Anyways I tag Kara, Christina, Nikki, Ashley, Ashlie, and NancyT, if they wanna participate :)

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  1. October 14, 2008 at 8:40 pm

    i’m still waiting for pictures of that chair you reupholstered… however you spell that! :) and Brynley is HUGE! she is so big! she is so cute! crazy isn’t it? days go by.

  2. October 17, 2008 at 2:45 pm

    Ali – I just got your post – I loved it – it painted a good pic of you. I don’t think a gallon of water is too much. I think i drink tons too. We have a water cooler at work and I’m always filling up my mug. It seems like the more I drink, the more I want! Way cute post!

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