Sister Beck

Last night we were honored to have Sister Beck come and talk to our stake Relief Society, and it was amazing. I’ve been looking forward to her coming, but yesterday I so struggled to get out the door and go, it was snowing and just every excuse possible was coming up.(doesn’t that always seem to happen, when we really need to go to something)

Luckily Melissa was there to help motivate me to go, and boy was it worth it. I just love Sister Beck and her ways of saying things, she’s clear, she’s funny and she truly has the spirit guide her with what to say. The gospel really is so simple and easy to understand, usually it’s the cloudy greyness of the world and the influence things of the world has on our hearts that seem to want to make it complicated about what we’re suppose to be doing here, and what the plan is, when that stuff is gone we can truly feel it in our hearts. The spirit spoke so much comfort, love, and hope to my soul last night- I’m so glad I went.

But as I was searching for a picture of Sister Beck I came upon a ton of controversy about her conference talk, Mothers who know. I loved that talk and the guide it gave me as to what I can be and become and what to try for. I didn’t even really know it was by sister Beck until I read all this negative stuff people said about it, I found it sad that people would feel that way and hope that since then they have had the spirit touch their hearts and maybe more understanding as to what she was saying to them.

Anyways If you ever have a chance to go and hear sister Beck, take it, even if it’s snowing, and the kids are acting up, and your hubby’s tired, and your tired, and you have so many things you’d like to get done and caught up on. It’s well worth it.

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  1. April 18, 2009 at 9:06 pm

    That sounds wonderful. I also liked that conference talk you mentioned, and was disappointed in all the people who bashed it.

  2. April 20, 2009 at 1:11 am

    Why would people bash that conference talk? It was given with the Spirit. Sure it made me feel like I should work on and change a few things, but isn’t that the point of the Spirit? I love what you said about the greyness of the world clouding the simplicity of the gospel. That is a neat way of looking at things – and so true. I hope you’re doing great!

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