It’s great to have Friends Visit us :) Pic overload

So we were so lucky to get to have our friends come and visit us on their way home from a job back east. Payton and Brynley have really missed them and we had fun just relaxing and catching up– (it’s kinda crazy though with the Packers it doesn’t matter how long we’ve not seen each other we still just feel pretty comfortable around them like we’ve just seen them yesterday.)We love having great friends like them.

The first evening that they we’re here we just kinda hung out and talked and chatted– and let the kids tear their bedrooms apart playing– which they had tons of fun doing.
Me and Jenni made some hairbows for the little girls– Jenni didn’t know how so I showed her how I did them which I don’t think is right but it works for me :) I think the one’s Jenni did turned out great and it was cute to see Lizzie like them.
We stayed up pretty late and poor little Taylor crashed in daddy’s arms.

Jake and Jenni we’re the first people that I’ve ever taking pictures for, and that was last year so we decided while they we’re here that we’d go out and take some more for them. They originally were going to be leaving the next afternoon so we got up early and went to Manitou Springs- It was a lot of fun because it was pretty dead there cuz it was so early– I didn’t have the greatest lighting so we had to stick to the shadowy places but the kids all had fun playing together and I think they turned out pretty well.

After pictures we we’re pretty hungry so we went to A&W for some breakfast/lunch– they had an old jukebox that the kids were pretty excited about and I just love Lizzie’s air guitar- she’s really rockin it :)

After lunch Dave knew about an old railroad trail that you went through like seven tunnels so we decided we’d go an hike it for fun.

Of course we were all really prepared to do it and wore our best hiking shoes–
All of our feet we’re very black and dirty by the time we we’re done and since I was wearing shorts and there was a lot of foliage my legs we’re itching up a storm-nevertheless it was still fun.

It was very warm cuz’ we did it mid afternoon so it was so nice when we hit one of the tunnels that was cool inside. We only ended up hiking two of the tunnels cuz’ it was so hot and we had forgotten sunscreen for the kids also.

Poor Lizzie tripped in one of the caves and did a bit of a face plant/ slide– she was such a big girl about it and only pouted for a little bit.

We had a lot of fun having them visit and can’t wait to get to see them again.

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