How time flies…

I can’t believe we’re almost to the last week in March– isn’t that how it goes though, when you want time to slow down a little it speeds forward faster..
March so far has been busy busy– We’re getting to where the many projects we’ve started we are getting finishing so I’ll have lots to post but if it seems like wow look at all these finished projects keep in mind we’ve been working on many many at the same time over a long peroid of time.

Anyways so beginning of March my parents called and said they’d found some cheap plane tickets and were gonna come and visit us on the 20th— Yay and panic at the same time–

 “uhh honey we have a lot of work to do to pull the house together just a little bit more for visitors” So we’ve  put on trim, painted trim and finished the fireplace except for patching the holes- but at least the tv is off of our coffee table now- always a plus, I finally tackled my ridiculous fear of the caulk gun ( I could use the chop saw and nail gun with no fear but the caulk gun that I was scared of ) So than I caulked like crazy– we put up the doors on our laundry room finally, I finished the table, we filled in cracks on our wood floor, painted Brynley’s room again, and than I cleaned and cleaned and cleaned– it was time to do spring cleaning anyways and I was nesting just a little :)

Needless to say the kids did a lot of this- this month

But not all the time– I try not to be that bad of a mother– we played and they worked with us and we did schoolwork and we also went to the zoo when the Bastians invited us to–
The zoo was tons of  fun, but man all those hills and the braxton hicks and pushing the stroller ugh– it seriously took me 2 days to recover from that trip :) but the kids had lots of fun
They loved looking at the fish
and Payton took tons of pictures and videos of the animals
The giraffes though— ya– how would you like to kiss that thing- yummy.
I also this month got to take pictures at a wedding– which was way fun to do- Loved it!
And than my parents came– Payton & Bryn were so so so excited to have them here!— and I had planned on just relaxing with them and seeing the sights, just having fun but instead, my dad on the verge of being bored to death I think- decided he’d help us get the tile in our bathrooms.
So than we tore apart the house I just cleaned– shared one bathroom, didn’t shower for a few days cuz’ the toilets were in the tubs and tiled and tiled and tiled and tiled- and I wanted to kill the idiot who wanted the tiles at a diagonal- oh wait that was me- but truthfully I am so so so so thankful that my dad was hear to help us!
 Dave’s a great electrician, carpenter and nerd, but plumbing…. he can do it cuz hey he’s my mr. incredible and his dad made sure and taught he him how to do all this stuff,  but the plumbing is not so much his specialty- whereas my dad has some “awesome skills” in the area of plumbing.
Sadly the only picture I have of them being here is of my dad working- but ya that’s pretty much what we did the whole time- worked—tiled, did a power point for my mom’s research paper, made a brochure handout for her paper, tiled some more, ate out every night, played cranium, watched star wars and lord of the rings- tiled, not so much of a vacation for my parents I’d say but I LOVED every second of it and having them here with us.
Here’s some teasers of some of the projects were so close to finishing that I’ll post soon.

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  1. March 25, 2010 at 6:04 pm

    I can’t wait to see all the finished pics. I love seeing your projects. Though I can’t imagine doing all that while pregnant lol, even not pregnant I leave that stuff for other people :D I do have a nightstand I want to try refinishing one of these days, just haven’t gotten up the motivation.

  2. March 26, 2010 at 4:18 am

    AWESOME AWESOME AWESOME! For both the tiling and the table and the super fun super cute pictures(0: Inspirational, friend(0: Thanks for sharing!(0:

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