Doggone winter.

Is it here still– Yep yep it is.
Am I sick of it?– Yep Yes I am!
Did Tiki and Bruno get Tapeworms?-
Yep- Yes they did.
Did I freak out and wash every surface Tiki has ever touched in our house and ban him to my parents house
Yep yes I did– and than I got the Flu :)
Did I mention I am so sick of this Winter– 
will it ever end– 
will I ever have a desire to create some stuff again– 
I sure hope so. Otherwise this blog is bound to be even more Boring than it is right now :)
So- sorry for the boringness I just really haven’t been me lately– soon, hopefully soon.

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  1. March 8, 2011 at 8:07 pm

    It’s not boring! I still love seeing your pictures and hearing from you(0: I’m ready for some spring and summer too. And about the tape worm? We found out Ember had a seriously seriously nasty case of worms about a month after getting her and I was so ridiculously freaked out. I had no idea how paranoid I could get till then! I pretty much locked the girl and I in the basement for 2 days (because Ember was afraid of the basement for some reason) while I delivered Mark instructions about steam cleaning and scouring and laundering EVERYTHING in the house through the door. Poor Ember was mostly confined to the back yard. After two days I had my husband take yet another shower then guard the kids from worms while I bravely went upstairs to clean everything one more time just to be sure. Oh it was so aweful! I was ready to burn the house and garden down and just start fresh! I totally blame the hormones. Anywho…Good luck with winter! Didn’t the groundhog predict an early spring?(0;

  2. March 8, 2011 at 10:04 pm

    Not that we are having a bad winter here but I too am ready for spring. I am really ready for summer but I know that doesn’t happen here. We miss you!

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