Black Betty

I’ve been spoiled
After 7yrs with my faithful computer- 
Dave finally Upgraded me.

Truthfully I was a little sad to see my old computer go- I mean me and her we have a history, but I knew I was in trouble though when I was having to delete things to make room so I could save other things.
My 300 gb hard drive wasn’t cutting it for me anymore. :(

So now I have my {dun dun tada!}

Black Betty!

1.5 Tera-byte Hard Drive
A Hyper Threaded Quad Core
Intel i7 processor
Windows 7 with 64bit capabilities
6gb Ram
10 usb ports
a big blue flashing light fan :)

{I say all this like I really know what I’m talking about :) all I know is that I got lots of room and it’s speedy speedy Gonzales fast and I can actually have Pandora going while I open Photoshop and Illustrator and Bridge and a million other tabs :) Its so lovely }

 Also for the record we won’t mention her umm slightly not so pretty looks- she’s fast and nice and new!

PS. Dave is a bit disgruntled with me for naming her Black Betty because our sweet shotty Shot gun is also named Black Betty, but I mean come on Black Betty just fits her perfectly :) don’t you agree?!

PPS. please say were not the only crazies in the world that give names to their possessions. :)

PPPS. This post brought to you by the wicked awesome Black Betty :)

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  1. May 19, 2011 at 7:11 pm

    #1. Its my rifle that is Black Betty not my shotty.

    #2. Its not our shotty its MINE!

    #3. Your a name Pirate!

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