Gus- Vol 2

Gus- Vol 2
 Remember Gus– ya we’ve been working on him–
 Since Dave informed me that I probably shouldn’t unscrew the handles cuz the wood is so old and crappy that they’d strip out I painted them right where they were :)
{although I did actually end up taking off most of them I hate hate hate taping things off and those handles and hinges were a pain.}
 I used automotive primer first and than shiny chrome paint
 I than painted the ceiling a high gloss white cuz well it sounded like fun
 and than started on the cabinets
And than primed the table for some Chalkboard paint– I think that will be a lifesaver for those sometimes boring times when your stuck in the camper– I mean what kid doesn’t like to be able to color on the table :)
I don’t know bout you- but it is guaranteed that I when get halfway through a project I panic and start losing all confidence in my plans and ideas :)
Usually I love em when I’m done but that halfway point for me is a killer– anyone else struggle with this?
Gus will eventually be all Gussied up though :)
hopefully soon  too- since were going camping this weekend– gotta get a move on.
Hope you guys are having a happy busy Monday.

{missed the Vol. 1 click here}

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  1. June 13, 2011 at 9:13 pm

    So happy you have one I dream of lovin one soon!Have fun!

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