Busy Bee…

I may be slightly crazy I’ve decided—  remember when I was closing down my photography business for awhile cuz I was building a house and knew I wouldn’t be able to keep up with it for awhile..
Well ya- that didn’t happen so well- 
So on top of it all  I’m taking pictures still– {and I think I’m crazy for doing it} but in my defense most of all my sessions have been just for family and close friends- the people in my life who when I literally don’t have time to edit their session yet cuz’ I’m spending 10+ hours a day at our new house won’t freak out and write me off :) 
ya I like those kind of people right now–
 cuz the majority of the time I’m not holding it all together, I’ve forgotten a lot and I mean A LOT of stuff. {kids football, making dinner, putting on makeup, milk at the grocery store and sadly the list goes on}

 I’m pretty sure I have an addiction
I can’t stop taking pictures
I love LOVE getting a break and going out and taking pictures of amazing people at amazing places and I love looking at them afterwards  
–I might need some help–
 honestly though I can’t be the only one fighting this addiction?!
 I mean come on people fess up…
taking pictures is addicting and fun.
 and I love it- I love it so much that even though I’m going crazy building a house and trying to keep the rest of our life together and really don’t have time to be messing around with pictures right now- I can’t stop.

Taking pictures makes me happy- and Everyone deserves a little happy in their life I think. :)

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