Birch Creek {Camping w/ Gus}

 So we finally took a break… and went to Birch Creek {camping} for a couple of days.
We took Gus :) {ya we named our cute little trailer} 
The kids had done a wonder to it playing in it these last few weeks and Dave is hereby grounded from taking it on his hunting trips if he doesn’t clean it out after he’s done!– Cuz it was a mess, and I was left to clean it :(
I felt a bit like Penny does here to Zeeta {Penny is Zeeta’s mom} 
RWARRRRRR! You stinkers! I just wanted to relax! :)
But in the end it turned out okay and we had fun! 
 The kids love being outdoors and just playing! 
I won’t comment on the state of their dirtiness! 
Little Emmy here loved loved loved that mud!
The Chalkboard table I made in Gus was a hit too with the kids :)
The guys cooked us delicious food! {Dutch oven Ribs! Yum} 
And a yummy Cobbler!
The guys had a blast fishing too!  
Payton was super excited about getting to use his new Leatherman {that he saved up his pennies for! :)
 It’s so nice to have so many cousins around that are close to our kids ages!
I’m glad we took a break and made some fun memories for our kids! Even if it meant I had much much more work and cleaning!

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