House Update

House Update
So this week was kinda busy… I started it out with an Formals session-
{So the next few days were took up with me editing ect}
They were such a fun couple! I call it my ultimate date night when we get a sitter and Dave comes with me to do a session– We get to get out, the lighting is pretty– I get to take pictures and be creative! Than we usually will go get dinner– It’s my Favorite Date :)
I will admit it we have been so burned out on working on the house– So burned out! {me more than Dave-even- which is a change} Dave pulled us along though :)
Eventually I put the third coat of Poly on {listening to Dave’s 80′s station while doing it– “Don’t stop Believin!” :) It was motivating}
 I {ya as in I, me, Ali– all by my lonesome} finished the Rest of the Pergo flooring
 It wasn’t so bad– just a big jigsaw puzzle with the ability to cut those pieces that don’t fit :)
We also started on the massive amount of built ins we have— {This is just one of the Attic Bookcases}
 Our Brother-in-Law Myron finished the mantle and I must say I am in LOVE {swoon!} I think he did an amazing job– {I must say my pic doesn’t do it justice- it’s amazing in person!}
 We tiled around the fireplace
 And Grouted the other tile in the house {I must say grouting was the funnest part of the whole tile job– I actually enjoyed that :) }

And I gotta blog about this……
Ya Dave got his wish– we got him a bike! {yes I’m scared to death of ending up a widow! Please please please be careful around motorcyclists! It could be my hubby! :) }
I feel a little like I’ve been jipped/tricked here though– cuz along with the bike {to keep him safe} He’s gotten new loud pipes– helmet, leather jacket- were gonna get some reflective patches– so ya I’ve been willing to get him all this stuff to keep him safe but at the same time I can’t but help feel a little like he’s tricked me into getting all that he could ever want for his bike :)  Ya I still love this man even if he is a Tricky Tricky Man.
And oh BTW they are installing our Cabinets right now as I speak!! I am so so so so so Excited!!

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