Summer Days + a Kitty Cat

So pretty much as of right now my life consists of two things it seems……….
Working on our house and taking pictures.{when I’m not busy with one, I’m busy with the other}
This last little while I took my Niece’s Pregnancy Pictures{she trades me for cutting and coloring my hair– Love it!}
And than my Brother had his sweet little Tinzley 
{this was called grab a white blanket and my steal girls hair things for a super quick {cramped} session-cuz all my real newborn stuff is stuffed into storage somewhere} I think they turned out good though.
And I have the hardest time to remember to actually take some nice pictures of my own kids
We had some really pretty poppies growing in the weeds and so I grabbed Ellie for a quick 2min. session :)
and ya it was literally 2 min. This girl was not fond of the weeds :)
The other news in our family…. 
We got us a little Farm kitty…  we named her Meiko
{I must admit I’m not a huge fan of cats….. could be cuz I’m super allergic to them,but we needed a good mouser– She is a pretty loving and a cute little fast fuzzball}
Can you guess who just LOOVVVES her 
and is so so so super excited to have her own kitty?! 
ya I don’t know who either :)
Zeeta on the other hand isn’t quite sure— So far I think she just likes to eat all of the kitty’s cat food.. that’s why she’s keeping her around. 
Other than working on the house and taking pictures we’ve been trying our best to have a little fun with our kids this summer.
 We had a quick BBQ and played some kick ball with family
 And we bought a little swimming pool for the kids 
 They’ve really enjoyed that so far– 
{I like to torture them– made them sit in the cold cold water for a picture :) }
Other than that really it’s been House House House. We’re getting closer and I’ve been slacking on pictures but I’ll get an update soon :)

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