Workin and Birthdays

Workin and Birthdays
Yep we’re still chugging along at our house…..
{Except for when I’m sick… like today– than I just get so frustrated that I can’t accomplish anything on my mile long list that I want to cry… bad sickness… bad!}
Anywho what we’ve mainly been doing is getting ready to pass off all our inspections and working on the outside yard. {Just to throw it out there- we passed our final electrical inspection and that was a huge sigh of relief for us since we did it ourselves and we’ve been worried it would drag on forever and ever and ever– but we passed!!! yay!}
 Dave got to get the big boy toys out last Saturday to work on spreading our fill dirt in our yard
and can you guess who was so super excited {and a pretty darn big helper for him!}
 Ya little Payter boy! It was cute to see him help and be all excited about getting to ride in the dump truck
 He’d also help by showing Dad where to back up to to dump the dirt.
 The other big thing that we got done on our house was the concrete pads were poured! Yay!
I did forget to take one of the sidewalk out front and the garage pad but you kinda get the idea :)  
I won’t lie- I’m super excited to have some BBQ’s on our back patio!!
Also this week we celebrated little Bryn’s Birthday! 
We tried lighting the candles outside and the wind kept blowing them out- so we finally took it inside and before we could even get halfway done singing Bryn had blown out all the candles! :) I don’t think she was excited or anything! 
 We got her some Polly Pockets and G&G Jones made her a pretty necklace, she also got a card and $2 bill in the mail from G&G Foster which she was excited about!
And for Payton and her birthday the BIG present for them was a Trampoline!
It’s been quite the entertainment while we worked on the house, and it’s so cute to hear Ellie say “tramp, tramp, jump tramp”
Overall it’s been a good week- now if only I can kick this sickness so I can get much accomplished this week– {who knows we might actually move in next week!!! ya I’m trying not to get my hopes up though :) }

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