Moved In!!

Moved In!!
This is going to be quite the short post! But I just wanted to say…………….
Sure it’s taken us a week now to get all of our stuff out of all the places we’d stored it- and we still have a bit of stuff we need to get still -oy!
But yes sirree it sure felt like Christmas!
{I also can’t believe how much stuff we’ve amassed over 10years! Holy Cow– we’re definitely having a garage sale soon!}
Mainly though- I probably could have gotten things in their places a bit faster– and I still have a bit to do- but really I’ve so just enjoyed playing with my kids! I’m sick of house and sick of working!
I’m pretty sure my kiddo’s are pretty dang happy to be in our house too! Payton was so excited to move in he woke up at 3:30 in the morning trying to get us up and moving stuff!
Ultimately I’m happy! We have a house! Now I just have to make it a home!

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