Dave has since we’ve moved in the house wanted Chickens already… I was wanting to get a few other things done and than start some in the spring with little chicks {little chicks seem cute and would let me get use to the idea of chickens– since I’m a little scardy cat of them :)
But on saturday Dave called and said that his brother was willing to give us some chickens that were already almost old enough to be laying some eggs– I gave in and Dave came home with these. 
 Some of them are really beautiful– I wish I could have gotten some better pictures of them- maybe later– and I also wish I could have been there as I’ve heard Payton was a hoot to watch as he was trying to catch some of the Chickens– he finally caught the black one and was so very proud :)
 Ellie liked looking at them- as long as brother was close by– otherwise she wasn’t too sure about these things  
 Dave in total brought home 4 chickens and a Rooster– { I actually like rooster’s crows and our house is well enough insulated and it far enough away that I don’t hear it very much- only if I’m outside or close to the doors- but I do feel a little guilty about it with the neighbors :) }
The girls thought it a hoot watching Daddy get them out of the pen and them flapping like crazy– Zeeta was also a little intrigued by these things– she’ll have to learn fast no touching!
Thankfully our Nephew was willing to let us use his coop for a little while– 
Next Spring though I’m hoping we can build a cute one :) like this
Or one like this
 Cuz isn’t that half the fun of having chickens… having a cute coop :) ha ha at least to me it is.. 
{and as a side note I highly doubt Dave will let me get very extravagant in the design- I can already see him shaking his head looking at these ones :) }
If your like me and want to look at chicken coops this site has tons– many a hours I have wasted here
Payton so far has been pretty darn responsible with “his chickens” as he likes to call them– Every morning before school he’s been making sure they have unfrozen water and food with no prompting from us– It’s been cute to watch him not only do his chores but enjoy them– Life is Good.

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