Just moving along

Well I’d like to say I have been so dang busy… accomplishing so much– but ya that’s pretty much not true at all. Mainly we’ve been just trying to keep up on the minimum required to keep things going. 
Occasionally we do stuff but that’s mostly in the evenings or the weekends when Dave’s home and he helps add some motivation :) 
You see this is the first pregnancy that I’ve had depression actually during the pregnancy  {I’m use to and ready for the huge curve ball I get thrown after I have the baby with depression but this I was not prepared for} And I’m fighting it but I got to admit there are a lot of days when I am not always winning this battle and the total loss of interest in things that I use to love to do and enjoy :( ya it just makes you so feel not like yourself like you’ve lost somebody but you don’t know how to find them again. So we’ve been trying here to get keep the normal going…
 we’re still turning on the music and dancing away
Still giggling and taking pictures when Payton is asked to turn off the tv and instead gets sucked into a cooking show :) He sat there for a good 10 minuets so interested in them cooking 
Still taking care of the chickens and making them a very white trash run 
{It’s funny to watch Zeeta-dog and Lulu-kitty be so interested in those chickens}
and we’re still enjoying and smiling every time our funny rooster crows.
Watching the lawn gradually grown and gradually make a big green haze has also been fun.

 And I’ve been trying to get back to enjoying photography… taking pictures of the beautiful wide open sky’s and old buildings at our bro-in-laws is always fun
 Dave shooting his LOUD muzzle loader was kinda fun to watch also
course with how long it takes to load that dang sucker I’m hoping if he see’s something he gets a really good shot cuz I’m thinkin that’s all he’s gonna get off :)

 The kiddo’s of course still enjoy the van.. not so much though when I belt them in and make them stay so that they are safe while Dad is shooting :) that’s when I have to bribe them with some treats to stay in the van
 Overall we’ve just been taking things easy and enjoying our family..{ and honestly hoping this second trimester goes a bit smoother and I can feel a bit more like myself :)}
Anyways I gotta go drag myself away now so I can get to sewing some Halloween Costumes– I’ve been surprised by how fast this month has gone– Halloween is in a week– wow! 

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  1. November 1, 2012 at 5:00 am

    Bless your heart.
    Even a physically & emotionally healthy pregnancy makes you SOOO exhausted that it’s hard to find the motivation & energy to do much. Even harder I bet when you don’t feel yourself.
    Hang in there.
    And if you don’t feel like making dinner maybe Peyton can- looks like he really was paying close attention there! Hahaha.

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