Halloween this year we once again kept things pretty simple :)
 We had grand plans of having a carving party with friends and a little spooky costume party for the kids but there just never seems to be enough time in the day and I didn’t make it a huge priority so it never got done :)  {ya know what I mean right?! }
Plus Dave’s hunting throws life a bit off schedule– fall is a busy time of year it seems for my hubby almost every weekend something has been going on. I’m almost ready for the more quiet relaxed weekends of the winter– shhhh let’s not really say that though cuz I sure don’t want the snow just yet!
Anyways 2 days before Halloween I went in search of Pumpkins– 
I had bought some previously but they were part of my fall decor so I didn’t really want to carve them up and thought that it’d be more fun if we each had a pumpkin.—- 
Do you know that that close to Halloween it is dang hard to find pumpkins!? 
 After 3 stores with no pumpkins I gave up and said fine we can carve “my pumpkins”
Brynley was really into it this year and didn’t mind the icky pumpkin guts at all
 Ellie on the other hand did not enjoy this at all– {Check out Dad’s big grin-}
 Ellie was disgusted and didn’t want her hand anywhere near that stuff while I have to admit both me and Dad giggled at her :) 
 Since our kids are older and wanted to be pretty involved in the pumpkin carving we had them sketch out on a paper what face they wanted on their pumpkin… Brynley wanted lots of sharp teeth and triangle eyes– and Payton wanted more of an alien looking one and well Ellie drew a whole bunch of lines so Dad got free design will on hers :)
 Payton finally got to carve his own– He was dang excited about that– and I was okay with it I mean look at how many teeth he drew for his design?! 
 Afterwards me and Dave had a little fun playing around with taking pics of the pumpkins and I was happy we did cuz we put them outside and the next morning I walked out and our Lulu cat had totally destroyed Ellie’s and was chewing on Payton’s lid { I never knew a cat would attack a pumpkin?! So weird to me}
 One of the other quickly becoming Halloween traditions in our family is Dad painting their faces for Halloween. I must admit I’m glad he does it– I think I’d be terrible at it and he does a pretty dang good job with it– plus the kids love it!
 Our kids are lucky enough that they get to dress up for Halloween at school still and do a little parade.
While I took my camera to the parade it was so hectic and not to mention I was sweating buckets cuz I figured it’d be outside like the other one’s had been and had “layered up a ton since it was freezing that day” but surprise!!  they did it inside— Ya let’s just say between seeing stars, feeling like I was going to black out and all the craziness of the parade–  my camera was the last thing on my mind :) So no pics of that– but they were very cute and had lots of fun! 
Than once again they got to dress up for the actual Halloween-
Payton was once again a Pirate– {he had a hard time deciding this year and I’m hoping he’s not outgrowing the holiday already :( }
And Brynley and Ellie both were Kitty’s….. 
Bryn wanted at first to be a Vampire– I was ummm less thrilled with that idea– I mean come on what about princess’s and all the girly stuff :( but we finally convinced her that a kitty would still be fun :) { I think it mainly had to deal with wearing the vampire teeth– she’s in love with those things} 
And while shopping for the ears for Bryn’s costume of course Ellie wanted to wear them which ensued in fighting between the two– so after about 2min of that in the store I said forget that, guess who gets to be a kitty too :)
Overall it was fun simple costumes for me and It turned out to be a great Halloween!! Now of course I have my own little bucket stash of “the taxed items” of my kids Halloween  {Reese’s and the big tootsie rolls – ya I know Tootsie Rolls?! but for some reason during Halloween I find them unresistable :) }
Anyways Hopefully ya’all had a wonderful Halloween too!!

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