My Girls

First off Happy Late Thanksgiving!
Our Thanksgiving was low key and relaxing and I sadly burned my beautiful cherry pie :) don’t ever confuse 425 with 475 while cooking it doesn’t turn out well :) But nevertheless we still had fun.
Brynley put on a cute thanksgiving program at school and Ellie very much enjoyed watching them sing!
And most the rest of this post is just about my cute sweet little girls!
They both LOVE and I mean LOVE to color and draw– give them some paper and crayons and I’ve bought myself an half hour or more of quiet time 
Brynley likes to leave me little drawings and artwork surprises around the house a lot– I thought these one’s were so cute that she taped above our bed.
It’s not to shocking to find Ellie wanting to sleep closer to her sister too- funny funny girl– as of lately she’s been stripping off to nothing and hiding/sleeping under bryns bed, than I fish her out and get her dressed again and put her back in her bed– silly little girl.
And I loved this pic of Bryn and her{awesome sauce} daddy—- She’s learning the violin and so it’s a lot of lovely violin sounds{screaching, nails on chalkboard}going on around here– When I’m busy busy Dave helps take over in coaching her :) She is absolutely loving it- which makes this mama happy!
I have to admit I love my sweet sweet little girls– They make me so very happy!
and just so this little sweet boy knows too– He is my little prince and I love him to pieces also!
{last two photo’s courtesy of Samantha little photography}

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