And so this is Christmas {2012} part 5

Last post about Christmas – I swear! And than I’m all caught up– Yay!
Christmas morning we make our kids wait at the bottom of the stairs- until we’re ready to get up :)– Dad teases them a bit and plays with their Santa gifts 
 This year we were able to skype Mom and Dad early in the morning and let them enjoy in the action :) 
{We bought Dave a cord for his new Kindle so that it would hook up to the TV}
Ellie was so funny about Santa’s cookie crumbs :) I think secretly she thought Zeeta had eaten them and was worried. 
 The kids we’re very excited and happy! {yay all the work was worth it!}
Ellie also loved the game from G&G! Anything to sort and put in places is fun to her!
We had my parents come over later to open the gifts under the tree– they looked like Santa’s themselves carrying all their goods :) 
 One thing that was slightly fun was payton figured out one of his presents by feeling the embossed letters under the wrapping paper and spelling it out– when he found out it was Animal Life he seemed actually pretty bummed out by it– The book was a huge hit though and he spent most of the day immersed in it!
 Overall Christmas was wonderful- We had much hugs and thank you’s and happiness filling our home!

Brynley even had made a whole bunch of secret drawings for everyone in the family that she hid under the tree and than gave out– {she’s so sweet, thoughtful and tenderhearted  I hope she never feels the need to change for anybody!} 
 Ellie of course got more my little ponies- and was in heaven with them!

 Payton’s big gift this year was his BB gun!
 He was so anxious to get to try it out and could not wait for it to get light enough outside!
Let’s hope he doesn’t shoot his eye out! :)
His Daddy is very excited to be able to teach his little boy how to shoot and be responsible for his gun, so he can one day {sooner than I’d like to think} have a little hunting buddy.
Overall we had a wonderful blessed Christmas! I hope you did too!

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  1. December 27, 2012 at 4:14 pm

    It looks like a wonderful Christmas.

    I really loved your Christmas card. I did a similar set up with our Christmas letter (it’s on my blog). But, I like how you did the photos of the little ones!

    So nice that you could share Christmas morning via skype! Awesome. = ) I’m sure everyone enjoyed that.

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