And so this is Christmas {2012} post 1

Well since I’ve been so lazy this season in keeping up my blog we are now going to post the millions of pictures I took in a series — And so this is Christmas!—  :)
The kids {and possibly me!} are always so excited that it’s hard to wait till after thanksgiving to put up the tree and decorations!
But we do and I always remember why after so–  dad has to be there to help with the top– I can’t reach it. 
 The kids help sort out the branches and help me put them on
Dave was the awesome photog for these shots :) Although I’m sure it is not nearly as fun as going out and hunting for a Christmas tree through the snow I am really fond of my $30 fake walmart tree– I think it is very pretty :) and love having it lit up every night {and possibly in the mornings, and afternoons– hey I really like the lights!} Plus the kids like the adventure of sorting out the branches and than wrapping them with lights!
Oh Christmas Tree, Oh Christmas tree– how I love to have thee.

Another small tradition we do as a family is since my mom grew up in Germany we celebrate with putting our shoes out by the door and waiting for St. Nick to fill them up.  No whips this year, but I did hide Payton’s pretty well inside his shoe– he was a little bummed until he found it than he was all giggles and teasing :)

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