And so this is Christmas {2012} post 3

Christmas treats and plates to deliver the kids love to make!
  The kids have such a blast playing with the never ending sugar cookie dough
 My mom handed down about a million vintage cookie cutters and boy do my kids squeal in excitement when I get them down!
Thankfully Dad usually comes home by the time I am so sick of sugar cookies that he saves the day and helps frost them all :)
 Someday I’ll learn how to make caramels and peanut brittle but for now we stick with the good ol’ Choc drizzled pretzels
 And so yummy rolo, m&m pretzels {so yummy!}


The kids are so cute and I so do it for them each year {we aren’t even close to having pretty looking Christmas treat plates} But we drive around to our family and friends and look at all the Christmas lights.
The kids get out of the car at each stop, take turns delivering the plates and cards
and sing Jingle bells at the door for each of them {someday we’ll teach them another song :)}
Oh ya this was our card for Christmas this year that they delivered…..
 I had previously designed a cute card for a friend of mine so by the time I did ours I was a little burned out and in a very goofy mood that evening– didn’t know if you could tell or not :)

Here’s the other one I did– she has such a fun vintage style- I love getting to design things for her!

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  1. January 21, 2013 at 5:19 am

    I haven’t visited you in a while, but I love your newsletter! You are so talented! Loving all the pictures and beauty in your life!

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