Cute little Boxador Puppies

So we had these little cuties running around our place since Zeeta had them in December.
They weren’t planned {ya know the after weeks of keeping Zeeta safe you go to pay the babysitter after letting her out to go potty and you find the deed is done- ugh- ya so we had puppies:)} 
Boxador puppies {Boxer/Labrador}
They were super cute and each of them were pretty unique and different from the others. 
One of the bad things that happened though was during this time that Zeeta was pregnant and than with all the puppies I kept having massive outbreaks of itchy itchy hives. I couldn’t figure it out- I did have smaller like spider bite things earlier that happened quite often that I could never figure out what exactly was causing them but than I started breaking out with hives all over– on my back some days and those would go away just long enough for some to break out on my belly and so on and so on. Well we finally pieced it together- I’m allergic to the dogs, and with being pregnant my skin is now super super sensitive to it-{not to mention my immune system- hello every sickness!} Once they were kicked out of the house to live in the garage- I started not having any hives.
So while I loved them and they we’re so cute and the kids just couldn’t  get enough- I was happy to see them go. Zeeta is also going to a home this weekend with lots of kids and a good family so we’re thankful for that but I know I will miss her- she has the best temperament of any dog I’ve known.
Anyhow back to the super cute puppies.
We named each of them to be able to tell them apart– though I don’t think it was to necessary since almost  all of them looked different from the others.
Here was Sweet little Dipper {all of his toes and tail we’re dipped in white} 
We called her Cocoa {she was our little runt} 
And than miss Cream- {who was probably my favorite- she was so pretty and had a cute little cream body with a brown dot on her bum }
 Than Yin and Yang- our twin little boys that were pretty much just exact opposites of each other

 Little Miss Grissy { she had beautiful brindle coloring} 
Little Po- {she resembled a panda to us- and had the cutest heart shaped nose!} 
And little Miss Dottie { who had the cutest little spots all over}

They were so cute and it was fun to get to see them each develop their own personalities and greet you when you went to feed them :) I’m glad that the kids were able to get to have the puppies experience to but we are now a family that went from 9 dogs to 0 in a week- kinda crazy- but no more itchy good :)

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