Project52 week one {snow angel}

 One of my 30 before 30 goals was to do a project 52 and this is my last year to do it :)
{I’m not a procrastinator or anything.}
While it would be fun to do it with a group{mainly cuz you get some feedback and praise to keep you going} I just don’t like the pressure of it- I don’t like trying to fit the themes and one of the main reason’s I’m doing a project 52 is to improve my photography and editing skills and shoot the creative things I’ve wanted to shoot, that I never seem to make the time to shoot.
So mine is going to be fairly {alright let’s be honest here-} completely Random 52.
Week one- my little Snow Angel
Canon 5D Mark11,  50mm,   f1.4   SS 1/200  iso 100
I liked this shot because while mainly I was working on trying to nail focus at wide open {which I still need to work on a ton!} I’m okay with it being out of focus and the mood it portrays- It was bitter cold! and this was Bryn just being Bryn holding her coat close and looking down in thoughtful focus– which anyone who knows her knows this is her- she is quiet and thoughtful and is in her own beautiful world in those quiet moments.
Canon 5D Mark11,  50mm,   f1.4   SS 1/200  iso 100
Nothing changed between my settings because mainly the only difference was she looked up at me and I was able to get my focus.
 Bryn with her Beautiful Brown eyes- I’m still working on making sure I try to always get some catchlights in them- They sometimes are a challenge- and in this picture I needed to have her look up even more so to get beyond her hood and capture some more light from the cloudy sky above. {stuff to work on}
 I still feel even after all this time I have really yet to capture just how beautiful the color of her eyes are. {The closest Brown eyed relation of hers was my great grandmother- so the brown eyes were a pretty unique thing for her to get in our fam- and I love them}
Have your own Project 52 going on?- Seriously leave me a link in the comments I’d love to follow along and leave some praise and encouragement for you along your journey too.

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  1. January 9, 2013 at 6:12 pm

    Nice! I miss bryn, heck i miss all of you. She is so pretty. Love the 3rds, the colors are fantastic, nice bokeh. I like it!
    I am going to do a 52 also except mine will be 52 days cause i don’t have 52 weeks left.

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