Project 52 week four {under the sheets}

So I so slacked this week– I’ve been super busy with other projects and I’ve been trying to round up and organize some stuff for a different photo theme I wanted to do- so ya– I slacked. 
I have to admit I really am drawn to the lifestyle portraits and would like to work on that side of my photography– So for this quick{we’re talking super quick here people :)
Photoshoot I grabbed a sheet threw the kids on the bed and said have fun :) 
 Lighting wasn’t great and while I like the pictures for my kids cute smiles I still have yet to find the “right” black and white conversion process that I like– I’m so tempted to just search out some actions- but I really like to try to figure it out myself in photoshop and make my own action- that way I actually learn something… but it feels like I have been trying forever to find that right black and white!? We’ll get there eventually I hope :)
 50mm  f3.5 ss1/50 iso 400
 50mm  f3.5 ss1/50 iso 400
  50mm  f3.2 ss1/80 iso 400
Payton was our lovely focus and button pusher for this one :) I really am super lazy when it comes to my tripod I need to learn it better but when there’s a little boy eager to help and take pictures I take advantage of that :)

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