Project 52 week six {Tabletop photography}

Forever ago when I first started blogging {I think in 2008} I was pretty lonely- it was me and my two toddlers, the hubby worked full time and was going to school full time so I never saw him– and I well never saw anyone really, that was when I discovered the beautiful world of blogs– 
and I felt a bit connected to the world again :)
Well I found A Little Sussy that year and that started my whole love affair of photography– I loved her style of photography {still do} and while I’ve played and learned and just had photography mainly a hobby all these years- I still have coveted her pictures. 
I knew she started offering online classes but I just was always nervous to take them and we always have seemed to have some project or other going on -ya know what I mean!?
But this year Dave after hearing me ohh and sigh and covet taking a class for so long- decided to get me one for my birthday.
So I’ve been taking Tabletop photography and have loved learning all the stuff and doing the homework, and even getting feedback from Nicole! It’s been lots of fun!
Here’s some shots of my homework that I’ve turned in so far
Learning about lighting
and learning about high key and low key styling.

There has been no editing allowed so I’ve had to make sure that I’ve gotten everything good in camera which sometimes is hard– it’s so tempting to just go fix that corner or add a little dodge and burn here :) Ahh I might be a bit of a photoshop junkie :) Anyways if you’ve never seen her work or classes you should check them out– I’ve coveted learning Illustrator better for a while now– crossing my fingers I get to take that one someday! 

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