What has been going on.

Well I am not so good at explaining things in person and people have been wondering what the stink has been going on so I figured the  easiest way to explain is just to write a post :)
The end of February I started hurting pretty good and just not feeling right with my pregnancy. I’ve had braxton hicks with all of my pregnancy from like 20 weeks on it seems so I know what those feel like and obviously this is my fourth child and I was feeling like I was having all of a sudden real deep labor contractions.. Of course it was the weekend so I had to wait to get in to the dr. but when we went I was starting to thin out so they gave me some medicine to hopefully calm things down and get in bed and relax. If it got worse I was suppose to head to the hospital :(
Thankfully it didn’t get worse and things calmed down, but now whenever I’d get up to do anything or return to normal life I would start to really hurt and if I pushed past that hurt and kept going than once again the dang Contractions would start again. So back to the Dr. which he pretty much said “Well, don’t be stupid
listen to your body it’s telling you something- If it hurts you get back in bed- you don’t want to have this baby early!
So that is where we are at and where I’ve been the last three weeks– Bed. I get up and do what I can, help in whatever way I can {I hate being a burden to my family} but ultimately I end up back in bed feeling frustrated with myself,  with “you think you can do these things Nemo but you just can’t!” Taking care of our little one is most important but I seem to forget so soon the pain when I start feeling a bit better and think oh I can do that :) until I start having the deeper contractions and feeling that really I could have her than I start to panic and  lay down and whisper goosfrabba to myself :) and beat myself up for trying to do anything.

She is not due till April 26th and won’t be considered full term for another three weeks– so that is what I am working towards three weeks we can do three weeks :( ugh we don’t want to do three weeks more in bed but we can do it! I’m just so thankful that she hasn’t come already! So ya that is the lowdown on what has been happening in our household!

***Also I just wanted to say THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU! To our wonderful friends and my sister in law who have helped watch the kids and who have brought over dinners for us!
Yes I keep telling everyone that we are coping and we are- the kids are stepping up and helping a ton and life is keeping moderately normal {considering my lack of contribution } But I know it has been more of a burden on Dave and I have so greatly appreciated the help (especially with dinner and him not having to do so much groc shopping on top of everything else.) So THANK YOU so much! We have felt very loved!* **

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  1. March 21, 2013 at 6:58 pm

    Dang! I knew you weren’t feeling well but I didn’t know it was this bad. You just lay down, and rest, rest, rest! Don’t go through what we went through.

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