Happy Easter {2013}

Easter this year was a lot of fun!
The kids had a blast and were really into it this year– they ended up getting to do three little egg hunts.
{They also watched Rise of the Guardians the night before so they thought that was really cool}
We of course painted eggs– The kids at first wanted to paint our chicken eggs I had to informed them that we would have lovely brown easter eggs and that they wouldn’t dye very well :) but they ended up picking a kit that would do speckles like the chicken eggs have
Dave said never again on that kit — Here he is being so handsome and crafty :)
 Easter Morning before Church the kids hunted around our house
Usually the weather is always yucky around Easter but since it was so nice this year we actually hid a lot of the eggs outside- we played hot and cold to try to get them to look out the window and figure out that more was out there {It took awhile for them to figure it out- but when they finally did they ran outside so excited}

 Lulu kitty wanted to get in on the action :) She is pretty much ready to pop with her kitties at this time :)
We also were able to go hang out with our nephew Reily and his kids for a quick hunt
 Lots of cute girl cousins to play with 
We also were included in the super fun candy throw tradition over at Dave’s sisters this year
 It probably shouldn’t be as funny as it is but the kids are all excited for all the candy but also are…

… very scared of that Candy :)  
 They got so much Candy!!
 And if you can’t tell were very happy with their Easter goods! 

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