Pinewood Derby

Payton had his first Pinewood Derby– and boy did he have a blast!!
Dad and him worked on his “flame” car together. I helped paint it a red that took forever to dry and lost them an evening of working on it– after that I refused to touch those complicated little suckers :)
Newborns always seem to throw a little kink into family life and so they were seriously painting and putting on the wheels and finishing it the evening right before the race. 
It needed a few modifications there at the track :)
{Payton always does this to me when I want to get a picture of him and exciting stuff is happening– I get the ya ya I’m looking at you I’m smiling–not really– now take the stupid picture so I can get back to this :) I think he learned it from his daddy} 
The boys all would get to put their cars on the track
 and than wait for them down at the end– Payton won the first race and than got second and third in most the others– Total for the night he scored third place- which he was pretty excited about!
 They also did some loopdee loops for the boys– the first time through Payters car crashed at the very end 
but the second time it made it through. He was excited about that!
It was such a fun night– he can’t wait to do it again next year!

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