Treasuring the Season

Things I know……..
I won’t always have beautiful my little pony decorations on my piano
 I won’t always see cute little “playing house” set ups
  I won’t always have a girl obsessed with Rock collections
Or see awesome Lego play houses and guys built {or get to step on a forgotten lego :) }

I won’t always have a enthusiastic laundry helper
or hear phrases like “Oopsie daisy” and “Okey dokey” and constantly get the I love you  hand sign
I won’t always see her watch the bus out the window- she’ll soon get on it
and I won’t always find her asleep in weird places every night
 I won’t always find crayons and paper scraps from Brynley’s art projects strewn around the house
Or find apple cores in crazy places and see them so thrilled over a little game
I won’t always see hugs and joyful smiles so easily given.
and working and hanging out with us won’t always be the coolest thing.  
I know I will dearly miss these times and that I am so thankful to get to have them.
I treasure and enjoy them all that I can!
{ The best advice I have:  :) Make sure and slow down and enjoy the treasures that you’ve been given at whatever season of life you are in– It all passes so quickly}

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  1. May 4, 2013 at 5:00 am

    The days are long, but the years are short…

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