Dancin girl

So sweet Brynley did dance this year– and she loved it! While I try really hard to capture snapshots of our kids to remember things– sometimes I kinda just stink at it :) While I had good intentions of getting a shot of just her in her cute costumes I never did it *ugh. but she did look so cute and loved dancing on the stage!
She had a dress rehearsal and than her actual performance and she loved getting her hair curly and getting to wear makeup :) {oh my!} I gotta admit I was a bit envious of her lashes- once I put mascara on them they were so so long! lucky girl :)

She did a total of three dances and I gotta admit she is more a ballerina at heart than a jazz dancer :) She had so much fun though! Even Ellieana did :) through most of the show she was dancing in the isles to the music– tired with wrangling her to stay sitting I just let her and there was a few times when she stole the show for the rows around us, she was so cute and funny to watch! :)

¬†At the end of the show she loved waving and blowing kisses! I loved watching her and glad that she isn’t afraid or shy to perform.. I have a feeling we’ve got many dance years ahead of us! which I am totally fine with I loved dancing and all the experiences it gave me as I grew up.

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