Ellieana’s Birthday

I can’t believe how fast they grow! Honestly my little sweet redhead is three already!? 
Ellie has been obsessed with my little pony….. like obsessed :) we hear daily about Rainbow Dash, Twi-farkle{twilight sparkle}, Rariety, and apple jack.
So thinking of a “theme” for her party didn’t take much effort :)
Sadly though her birthday fell during a busy time this year– There was like four weeks of busyness, millie was born than our anniversary than my mom’s birthday than mothers day…. ahhh it was busy, and so not to much was done for her birthday.
My awesome and so talented Friend Kaytee {who works wonders in the kitchen} made this so cute cake for her… I swooned over the ombre ruffles!! so cute!
If you can’t tell :) Ellie was super excited and happy over her party……. It was actually decorated pretty cute and fun but alas me I didn’t take any picts.. {other mom’s know that time– you’ve been running all day trying to get everything together and your house clean for the party and you barely finish getting it all done right as the first guests arrive– so you forget to take pictures of all the work you just did :)– please say I’m not the only one this happens to} Anyways you’ll just have to trust me it was cute and she was loving it!
She especially loved being in the middle of it all :) 
So many kids and presents and fun!! I love seeing them so happy on their birthdays!

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