Amelia’s Blessing

Amelia’s Blessing
 In our family we had 5 babies born this spring and in consequence we had many much baby blessings going on. So we were happy when our Niece had no problem combining parties and blessing both of our cute little girls together!
She’s such a cutie {but ya don’t ask about the bow or the dress- I was still sewing it the morning of and I still am not sure if I like it— :) it’s missing something but I can’t figure out what it is- and it’s to late now anyways :) }
Dave’s sister has a beautiful backyard that they let us use for the occasion.
 Grandpapa holding sweet millie :)
 We had quite the crowd and it was a beautiful day!
The kids of course loved the trampoline– it was one of those let’s see who gets hurt first things :) 
and I actually found a picture of myself holding millie girl– so I had to put that up- I think that brings the total pictures of me on this blog up to like 3 or so :) ya I enjoy behind the camera much more.

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