Lazy summer days

It has been a busy summer! I can’t believe that it is almost over- only a week left!? So I’ve been slacking on keeping my blog updated but I’ll just use the excuse that we’ve been taking it easy and enjoy having the kids home and no schedules!
One of the kids favorite summer activities is to jump on the tramp with the sprinklers
 {I remember loving that as a kid too!} 
Ellie was a bit unsure about that cold water and in the end was not enjoying it :) I’m betting next year she’ll be old enough to love it! 
 Another thing that has been a constant summer sight is our roosters and chickens pecking around the yard {eat all those bugs and spiders you! :) } Ellie was scared for quite awhile to go anywhere near them but now near the end of the summer the roles have seemed to reverse and those chickens are scared of the little brave red head :)  Life is good!

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