Pumpkins, Goblins, Witches …Oh My!

After our normal carving pumpkins party we’ve started the tradition of shutting off all the lights, lighting the pumpkins and letting the kids run around and play with glowsticks!
They of course think it’s a blast and mom loves it cuz I get to take some fun long shutter speed photos.
Pumpkin Carving with all of it’s yucky mess :)
Millie was very curious as to what all the hubbub was about so I let her get in on the action
there was a minuet of  panic while I thought she was going to take a big mouthful, but she thought better of it after she got it real close and smelled it :) Than she thought it would just be better to play with it.. smart choice
Brynley wanted a minecraft pumpkin {anyone else’s kids obsessed with minecraft too… I can’t believe how imaginative my kids are with it sometimes}
and any guesses on what Ellie wanted hers carved as??? {If you have a my little pony obsession in your house you know it}… Scary Nightmare Moon pony :) IMG_5948_0191
And Payton wanted to be a Minecraft Snow Golem… and we are all about cheap costumes in our household :) Oh you need some boxes and paint for your costume- Awesome!
So we had a Snow Golem, a Princess sofia with her prized Amulet, :) a little cute pumpkin and….
we also had.. try as I might to convince her to be something else ya know like a princess, or a kitty
{– note this is after years of wanting to be this— }
I finally gave in and let her be
A Vampire Princess
{I think she just loves wearing the vampire teeth!}  we’re really hoping next year we go back to more little girly things :)
Hope you guys had a spooky Halloween too!

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