The Back The Back {Back surgery}

So Dave has been hurting since March of 2013 with his back. He rolled over in bed and hurt it {which is insane since you’d think it’d take more than that} but he has a really bad back.. pretty much an 70 yr olds back according to the Dr..
Part of it is genetics and part is the fact that he was not at all kind to his back growing up {snowboarding like a maniac, skateboarding, falling off a roof and all the other crazy things he did.}
But well we are on Back surgery #2 right now *sigh
The first one was right after he got home from his mission. Which was when I was first starting to get to know him other than all the letters we wrote to each other, we went out on like one official date… the rest was spent with me coming over and hanging at his house while he chilled on the couch. I was a bit smitten with him-  who am I kidding I still am
anyways back to this surgery… It’s been a pretty miserable year for us with Dave’s back, we haven’t went and done hardly anything because well everything hurt him to do and while I like to pretend that I can handle it all by myself I really can’t. I hate mowing the lawn and trying to fix things and trying to meet a lot of the household needs all on my own- it stinks and gets me overwhelmed fast.
So by the time we finally saved up the moola to pay for his surgery we were very anxious to get it done and get him feeling if not all the way better at least to a manageable pain.
{pardon the lovely phone photos– they are all I had}


Back surgery still is not fun and pretty stressful! Dave had two herniated discs and neither the shots or anything else we tried worked so Surgery it was. :( I was so thankful that Dave’s parents went up there to wait with me while he went in to surgery, And it was nice to have them close by to help me move Dave around that first little while. We are happy that he is feeling much better now with the pain gone and no more crooked walking :)
1384870676330_0269 Ellie also loved having Daddy home for the two weeks he was able to take off work and loved cuddling and watching tv with him on the couch.. she was a little bit of a hypochondriac  and said a few times “owww, my back hurts. Dad made me sick” :) .

1385499709251_0267 Dave while was still sore having to go back to work {he only had a limited vacation time} I could tell he was pretty anxious to get away from the craziness that is home life with 4 kids, and it’s always nice to get back into a more normal life routine.
We’re hoping  for many more adventures next spring and summer now that his back won’t be killing him so much. {Hopefully some weight loss for both of us, and stretching and exercises that might help his backtoo…. Cuz back pain is plain miserable!}

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