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Just moving along

Well I’d like to say I have been so dang busy… accomplishing so much– but ya that’s pretty much not true at all. Mainly we’ve been just trying to keep up on the minimum required to keep things going. 
Occasionally we do stuff but that’s mostly in the evenings or the weekends when Dave’s home and he helps add some motivation :) 
You see this is the first pregnancy that I’ve had depression actually during the pregnancy  {I’m use to and ready for the huge curve ball I get thrown after I have the baby with depression but this I was not prepared for} And I’m fighting it but I got to admit there are a lot of days when I am not always winning this battle and the total loss of interest in things that I use to love to do and enjoy :( ya it just makes you so feel not like yourself like you’ve lost somebody but you don’t know how to find them again. So we’ve been trying here to get keep the normal going…
 we’re still turning on the music and dancing away
Still giggling and taking pictures when Payton is asked to turn off the tv and instead gets sucked into a cooking show :) He sat there for a good 10 minuets so interested in them cooking 
Still taking care of the chickens and making them a very white trash run 
{It’s funny to watch Zeeta-dog and Lulu-kitty be so interested in those chickens}
and we’re still enjoying and smiling every time our funny rooster crows.
Watching the lawn gradually grown and gradually make a big green haze has also been fun.

 And I’ve been trying to get back to enjoying photography… taking pictures of the beautiful wide open sky’s and old buildings at our bro-in-laws is always fun
 Dave shooting his LOUD muzzle loader was kinda fun to watch also
course with how long it takes to load that dang sucker I’m hoping if he see’s something he gets a really good shot cuz I’m thinkin that’s all he’s gonna get off :)

 The kiddo’s of course still enjoy the van.. not so much though when I belt them in and make them stay so that they are safe while Dad is shooting :) that’s when I have to bribe them with some treats to stay in the van
 Overall we’ve just been taking things easy and enjoying our family..{ and honestly hoping this second trimester goes a bit smoother and I can feel a bit more like myself :)}
Anyways I gotta go drag myself away now so I can get to sewing some Halloween Costumes– I’ve been surprised by how fast this month has gone– Halloween is in a week– wow! 
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General Conference+ A Lyric Canvas

General Conference+ A Lyric Canvas
As a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints {Mormons} One of my favorite times of the year is when we have General Conference– especially in the fall-
Cuddling up with a warm blanket, finding a craft to keep my hands busy, and getting to listen to the prophet and have the warm comforting spirit wash over me is a wonderful gift and treasure, and something I thoroughly look forward to.
 Part of one of our little traditions that we do is we like to pitch our tent in our living room for General Conference than we read the account of King Benjamin in the Book of Mormon (Mosiah chapter 2) 
{ In the story- they all gathered around and pitched the doors of their tents towards the temple to hear King Benjamin speak to them in the morning}
 Our kids look forward to it each time and enjoy doing it and getting to listen to Conference in the tent is always a fun adventure to them.
The girls lately have been obsessed over my little pony and of course played with those most the day
 Payton wanted to learn how to crochet a scarf– Between me and Dave we managed to teach him how to crochet a chain :) He was getting it down pretty good but a scarf was a  bit of a big project for him– {looks like I have some work ahead of me for Christmas :) }
 The main thing I did while I watched Conference this year was work on a
Lyric Collage Canvas {pain in my butt, torturous, my hand still hurts} Project-
I actually started it a month ago too- but fast lost all motivation for it and I figured I really needed to finish it.
In all reality It’s been years in the making…….. I saw this picture when we first moved to Colorado and desperately wanted one like it I actually bought the canvas for it in Colorado {so 2yrs ago now :) } and no I couldn’t afford a canvas as big as the original- holy huge-
I could never quite figure out the best way to do it {how do you get a print that big? Vinyl would be just as much of a pain and I want it to have a distressed handwritten look, Cutting out the letters would be torturous to.} So I ended up just doing the simple cheap way…. print, chalk, tracing the letters and than filling them out with permanent marker.
I had a miserable time trying to find just the one song that I liked the best so instead I took lyrics from all of me and Dave’s “songs” {The one’s we’ve teased each other with or sung together, or he’s linked me to to tell me that he loves me :) ya those ones and even than just a few of them- it was hard to narrow it down}
Anyways I just measured my Canvas made a document file in Illustrator with the Lyrics and how I wanted it to look– I’m sure you could do it in photoshop or any program you can save to an .jpg file later
Loaded it into Block Posters and than printed it.
I taped them together– Rubbed Chalk on the back of all of it- mainly cuz it would have taken even time to use pencil- and than taped it onto the canvas and went to town tracing it all out.
And I ain’t kidding when I say FOREVER LATER{7+hours} I finally had it all traced and done and outlined with a silver sharpie marker. FOREVER LATER and with blisters on my fingers and extreme cramping in my hand– but thankfully it is Done– well done until I decide I want to add a bit more distressing to it which was in the plan but really I am burned out with this project– it was lucky I didn’t just burn it  instead :)
I got to admit I love it as much as I originally thought I would  though :)
It always makes me smile to read it and look at it, and it fits just right in our bedroom :) a little intimate personal touch and just enough to show some of our Love.
Would I do it again– heck no– but I sure am going to enjoy the one I did :)
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Dave has since we’ve moved in the house wanted Chickens already… I was wanting to get a few other things done and than start some in the spring with little chicks {little chicks seem cute and would let me get use to the idea of chickens– since I’m a little scardy cat of them :)
But on saturday Dave called and said that his brother was willing to give us some chickens that were already almost old enough to be laying some eggs– I gave in and Dave came home with these. 
 Some of them are really beautiful– I wish I could have gotten some better pictures of them- maybe later– and I also wish I could have been there as I’ve heard Payton was a hoot to watch as he was trying to catch some of the Chickens– he finally caught the black one and was so very proud :)
 Ellie liked looking at them- as long as brother was close by– otherwise she wasn’t too sure about these things  
 Dave in total brought home 4 chickens and a Rooster– { I actually like rooster’s crows and our house is well enough insulated and it far enough away that I don’t hear it very much- only if I’m outside or close to the doors- but I do feel a little guilty about it with the neighbors :) }
The girls thought it a hoot watching Daddy get them out of the pen and them flapping like crazy– Zeeta was also a little intrigued by these things– she’ll have to learn fast no touching!
Thankfully our Nephew was willing to let us use his coop for a little while– 
Next Spring though I’m hoping we can build a cute one :) like this
Or one like this
 Cuz isn’t that half the fun of having chickens… having a cute coop :) ha ha at least to me it is.. 
{and as a side note I highly doubt Dave will let me get very extravagant in the design- I can already see him shaking his head looking at these ones :) }
If your like me and want to look at chicken coops this site has tons– many a hours I have wasted here
Payton so far has been pretty darn responsible with “his chickens” as he likes to call them– Every morning before school he’s been making sure they have unfrozen water and food with no prompting from us– It’s been cute to watch him not only do his chores but enjoy them– Life is Good.
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So something that has taken us forever and really we lost most if not all motivation on was our yard :)
We were able to get lucky and with our loan not have to finish it to move in and be able to just get the money out so we could do it later– but ya I’ll be the first to admit- we’ve been lazy- burned out and every time we’d walk out and try to do anything with it we’d end up overwhelmed and very frustrated!
There were so many ROCKS– so many– I’m not kidding when I say I’ve probably picked up a thousand or more rocks!  and putting in 35+ sprinklers was a job in itself- and leveling it and spreading a bit more dirt– ya it just went on and on and on
Thankfully we had some help and motivation come along :) and I’m so happy to say that we have grass seed spread– And the kids actually enjoyed the process– I love that they are learning to love to help and work :)
but in all honesty what kid who didn’t get the chance to drive the four wheeler wouldn’t like to work too? :)
  We decided that even though it was pretty late in the season we’d try and spread some grass seed and see if it grew or not– either way we know we’ll probably be spreading some more in the spring :)
And even though I am never in these pictures I swear I was there spreading that crap too :) and picking up Rocks– always forever picking up rocks–
But I will admit it looks so much better– You can Hardly see anymore Rocks!
and guess what I spotted this morning…….
Itty bitty little grass :) It’s growing!!– I’m just hoping it can survive the coming up storms :(
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A bit of This and That

 So Back when it was still summer– {I still can’t believe it’s fall already- where did summer go?!}
We got two more little kitty’s— Meiko our so cute other kitten as soon as we moved disappeared and I have no idea what in the world happened to her :( I was sad – I tried not to get attached but she was so cute  and such a good kitty- anyhow I wanted to get another kitty so Brynley would be able to help with the “loving and getting them used to being held and treated by kids” before she was at school all day long.
When I went to get the kitty it had a sibling and given the luck I already had I thought man maybe it wouldn’t hurt to have two. {They were so so so so cute together! We named them Gus and Lulu} But sadly the stinkin same thing just happened to the boy kitty Gus- {of course the cuter one and the one that had more personality} Just up’d and disappeared one night never to be seen or heard from again :( And we had it for close to two months now and it was fine, and never wandered– I really am stumped as to what the stink is happening to all the kitty’s that I like?!! 
anyhow I’m still glad that we have at least Lulu and she’s growing on me a bit now :) 
I must admit that for not being a kitty person I just love to see how loving my little girls are with them– and how good of kitty’s they are– I’m am starting to like cats a little- at least outside cats :)
Another thing that seemed to happen way to fast was the kids started back up in school
Course I won’t complain-at all! being down to one chillld-ren a day is so so so nice :) I can go shopping again- when I feel good- and it’s just so much easier–
except for the homework– ugh I hate the homework and that for some reason all day of school isn’t enough- they aren’t pushing them enough- and they always have at least half an hour to an hour of homework when they get home!? I mean really! I try not to be negative about it but I hate the way all the schools are forced now to push so hard with the little kids- they kill all desire for learning when it’s all stressful and hurried- but I also don’t believe home school is the answer to it all either {at least not for me and my kids} — Kinda a stuck position :) but we do what we can with the homework and I try not to feel super guilty when my kids have just had enough and don’t get it done– cuz really if that teacher calls me to complain she/he might get a bit of a piece of my mind on how I don’t think homework should be tied to their grades-but ya we do want to avoid that :) anyways homework rant over now… sorry bout that :)
Anyways probably the only fun decorative thing I’ve done lately with our house and threw together a quick back to school mantle :) I made it before I started feeling to sick and meant to add more but never felt good enough and now it’s already time to switch it up for some yummy fall goodness.
 I know, I know to the big F does not really go with a school thing :) {hey kids go earn a great big F- but like I said not feeling well and never did change it :) }

I followed a book wreath pattern from here, and It was so easy and pretty fun to make– I’d just bought a cheap biography book on Abe Lincoln from our local D.I.
I think I’ll have lots of fun decorating our mantle eventually – I’m kinda excited actually to get all my fall stuff out now and see what I got :) I love fall! but I will dearly miss summer this year– it seriously felt like we didn’t have much of one
Anyways that’s a little bit of what’s been going on– {sorry I was such a slacker and now have a million posts :)– oh well I guess }
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