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This is the Place and Salt Lake Temple Vacation

 While we had grand plans for this summer, life doesn’t always work out :) My Grandparents are serving a temple mission in Nauvoo right now and I so so so so wanted to be able to go and take our family and go see also where Dave’s parents have been serving their mission… but two herniated discs and the looming cost of a possible back surgery for poor Dave kinda crushed those ideas. 
So instead we settled for a quick weekend trip down to Salt Lake City
We took the kids around Temple square {the christus and visitor centers}, the Joseph Smith building and the Beehive house. While we were there we also watched the Joseph Smith movie. The kids did wonderful and I was honestly surprised by how much Payton enjoyed the movie {like loved it!} 
Another thing that I wanted to take the kids to was the
My grandparents took me there when I was probably close to Payton’s age and I loved it! It sparked so much interest in me about that time period and I remember reading book after book when I was younger about pioneers. 
Payton was of course the Navigator of the trip and took us to all the places he wanted to visit. 
 The kids seemed to really enjoy it!
 They mined for gold nuggets
 and made some Indian necklaces along with riding the little train around the pond.

 Overall we had a lot of fun as a family looking at things and teaching the kids about that time and what life kinda looked like back than. 

 Brynley and Payton were able to Ride some horses which they loved!

 {Payton trying to act like the big boy and that it wasn’t that fun…. but I can see his joy right under that thin facade}
 They also had a cute little mini playhouse village made that the kids had a blast running around in, and gave me and Dave a chance to sit down cuz it was HOT! Dave being the amazing Dad that he is was pretending like his back wasn’t killing him as much as we really knew it was :(
 Over all the kids loved the park and asked if we could go back every year :)
After the Park we decided to take the kids up to the Temple where we got married.
I had wanted to do a picture like this for our kids for awhile so I was glad for the opportunity and it was a nice end to a beautiful day and vacation!
I dearly love my little family and that they are mine for the eternities! 

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Lazy summer days

It has been a busy summer! I can’t believe that it is almost over- only a week left!? So I’ve been slacking on keeping my blog updated but I’ll just use the excuse that we’ve been taking it easy and enjoy having the kids home and no schedules!
One of the kids favorite summer activities is to jump on the tramp with the sprinklers
 {I remember loving that as a kid too!} 
Ellie was a bit unsure about that cold water and in the end was not enjoying it :) I’m betting next year she’ll be old enough to love it! 
 Another thing that has been a constant summer sight is our roosters and chickens pecking around the yard {eat all those bugs and spiders you! :) } Ellie was scared for quite awhile to go anywhere near them but now near the end of the summer the roles have seemed to reverse and those chickens are scared of the little brave red head :)  Life is good!
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Amelia {2mo.}

So Amelia has been giving us the sweetest smiles and I wanted to capture a picture of it– took her up to my studio and she just would not wake up– she slept and slept and slept :)
I might be a bit biased but I think she is so beautiful! I look at her and think of how fresh from heaven she is and wonder at the knowledge that Heavenly Father has trusted me to care for his beautiful daughter and I pray that I will do alright. I’m so thankful for her and the little bundle of joy and love she is!
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Dancin girl

So sweet Brynley did dance this year– and she loved it! While I try really hard to capture snapshots of our kids to remember things– sometimes I kinda just stink at it :) While I had good intentions of getting a shot of just her in her cute costumes I never did it *ugh. but she did look so cute and loved dancing on the stage!
She had a dress rehearsal and than her actual performance and she loved getting her hair curly and getting to wear makeup :) {oh my!} I gotta admit I was a bit envious of her lashes- once I put mascara on them they were so so long! lucky girl :)

She did a total of three dances and I gotta admit she is more a ballerina at heart than a jazz dancer :) She had so much fun though! Even Ellieana did :) through most of the show she was dancing in the isles to the music– tired with wrangling her to stay sitting I just let her and there was a few times when she stole the show for the rows around us, she was so cute and funny to watch! :)

 At the end of the show she loved waving and blowing kisses! I loved watching her and glad that she isn’t afraid or shy to perform.. I have a feeling we’ve got many dance years ahead of us! which I am totally fine with I loved dancing and all the experiences it gave me as I grew up.

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Sisters Love

When I really realize that I have three daughters I feel a bit overwhelmed like…… oh crap how am I gonna handle those moody tenage years?! And them dating?! It feels a bit scary looking ahead to those times :)
But for right now I’m just enjoying my three little girls and seeing them love and enjoy each other
 Ellie and bryn sure have loved little Millie {as has payton but I dont’ have any pics of him :) }
Ellie loves to share “her blanket with her”
and touching her sweet little fingers.
 Everytime they win a smile from here they all just glow and are so happy!
They are such big helpers and I have loved having their help and attention for the our little one!
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