Project52 week two {Flashin}
 This week for my project 52 I focused on learning more about off Camera Flash
For Christmas my lovely hubby had bought me a light stand and umbrella so I could finally really get my flash off my camera– It’s been a bit overwhelming honestly- I haven’t always known if I’ve liked ocf style pictures but the more I learn and the more options it opens up for me in these bleak winters here – I am beginning to love it, now I just have to get good at it and understand it- which I have along ways to go :)
Bring in my lovely models my hubby and nephew {actually the only ones I could get to sit still and let me practice with them- take picture figure out the settings try again, picture, picture picture :)}
Soft umbrella lighting– nothing really fancy here I just set it up at a 45 degree angle and he was actually sitting just in our study mid day- dim lighting- I had made him move his chair away from the wall so I could get a bit more blur and control over the darkness of the wall. 
85mm  f3.2  iso500 SS1/100 {flash 580exii 1/4 power}
 Shoot through umbrella at a 45 angle- I just had a normal painted white wall in our house and had him about 6 feet from it for the background. It was getting pretty dark the sun had already set and I had to have the room lights flicked on and off so I could get my focus to set.
85mm  f6.3  iso200 SS1/125 {flash 580exii don’t remember the power setting}
“The boys” wouldn’t agree to be my slaves/models unless I let them have some props that they wanted in the photos :) So Guns and dramatic lighting it was.
 These one’s I shot with just my flash bare{no umbrella} so I could get the hard lighting and exposed almost for black on the background- we were still just using a painted white wall in our house as the background.
85mm  f4.5  iso250 SS1/160 {flash 580exii 1/8 power}
This one I did have to darken the right side back wall in photoshop because I had alot of spill lightage hit from the flash- but dave liked this one -someone made the comment about him nerding up the shot with his star wars shirt which just made me laugh– I didn’t style the shots- and this is so just my hubby Dave- Nerd shirt, beard he wants to grow out like one on duck dynasty{ya he might get shaved one night by a wife sick of it :) } and a huge amount of varied interests in life{computers, hunting, fishing, building, cars} I very much do love the man and love that after 9yrs of marriage he still treats me like a princess and makes my legs turn to jello when he’s romantic :) oh ya anyways back to about the picture and flash :)
85mm  f7.1  iso250  SS1/125 {flash 580exii 1/64 power}
This one I was struggling to get my light at the right power and to hit at the right angle to not have such a hard shadow on his face but ya by this point my models were getting a bit restless :) So much to learn still but it was a pretty fun evening and getting to shoot when it’s dark and no natural light to be seen was pretty cool.
85mm  f5.6  iso250 SS1/160 {flash 580exii 1/32 power I think I wasn’t positive on this one}
Pretty much I’m trying to teach myself {what’s new there right :) } and the Strobist has been my biggest help in trying to learn about OCF-  I have to read stuff about ten million times before I feel like I am understanding the concept and than I get out my camera and it’s read it again- I’ve realized I am a big visual learner and need diagrams and pictures to explain every concept but we are getting there and I’m excited to find some more willing models and practice some more- possibly some nice evening sky shots when it’s not -20 outside still {BURRRR!!}
Hopefully your staying warm wherever you are at!
Project52 week one {snow angel}
 One of my 30 before 30 goals was to do a project 52 and this is my last year to do it :)
{I’m not a procrastinator or anything.}
While it would be fun to do it with a group{mainly cuz you get some feedback and praise to keep you going} I just don’t like the pressure of it- I don’t like trying to fit the themes and one of the main reason’s I’m doing a project 52 is to improve my photography and editing skills and shoot the creative things I’ve wanted to shoot, that I never seem to make the time to shoot.
So mine is going to be fairly {alright let’s be honest here-} completely Random 52.
Week one- my little Snow Angel
Canon 5D Mark11,  50mm,   f1.4   SS 1/200  iso 100
I liked this shot because while mainly I was working on trying to nail focus at wide open {which I still need to work on a ton!} I’m okay with it being out of focus and the mood it portrays- It was bitter cold! and this was Bryn just being Bryn holding her coat close and looking down in thoughtful focus– which anyone who knows her knows this is her- she is quiet and thoughtful and is in her own beautiful world in those quiet moments.
Canon 5D Mark11,  50mm,   f1.4   SS 1/200  iso 100
Nothing changed between my settings because mainly the only difference was she looked up at me and I was able to get my focus.
 Bryn with her Beautiful Brown eyes- I’m still working on making sure I try to always get some catchlights in them- They sometimes are a challenge- and in this picture I needed to have her look up even more so to get beyond her hood and capture some more light from the cloudy sky above. {stuff to work on}
 I still feel even after all this time I have really yet to capture just how beautiful the color of her eyes are. {The closest Brown eyed relation of hers was my great grandmother- so the brown eyes were a pretty unique thing for her to get in our fam- and I love them}
Have your own Project 52 going on?- Seriously leave me a link in the comments I’d love to follow along and leave some praise and encouragement for you along your journey too.
And so this is Christmas {2012} part 5
Last post about Christmas – I swear! And than I’m all caught up– Yay!
Christmas morning we make our kids wait at the bottom of the stairs- until we’re ready to get up :)– Dad teases them a bit and plays with their Santa gifts 
 This year we were able to skype Mom and Dad early in the morning and let them enjoy in the action :) 
{We bought Dave a cord for his new Kindle so that it would hook up to the TV}
Ellie was so funny about Santa’s cookie crumbs :) I think secretly she thought Zeeta had eaten them and was worried. 
 The kids we’re very excited and happy! {yay all the work was worth it!}
Ellie also loved the game from G&G! Anything to sort and put in places is fun to her!
We had my parents come over later to open the gifts under the tree– they looked like Santa’s themselves carrying all their goods :) 
 One thing that was slightly fun was payton figured out one of his presents by feeling the embossed letters under the wrapping paper and spelling it out– when he found out it was Animal Life he seemed actually pretty bummed out by it– The book was a huge hit though and he spent most of the day immersed in it!
 Overall Christmas was wonderful- We had much hugs and thank you’s and happiness filling our home!

Brynley even had made a whole bunch of secret drawings for everyone in the family that she hid under the tree and than gave out– {she’s so sweet, thoughtful and tenderhearted  I hope she never feels the need to change for anybody!} 
 Ellie of course got more my little ponies- and was in heaven with them!

 Payton’s big gift this year was his BB gun!
 He was so anxious to get to try it out and could not wait for it to get light enough outside!
Let’s hope he doesn’t shoot his eye out! :)
His Daddy is very excited to be able to teach his little boy how to shoot and be responsible for his gun, so he can one day {sooner than I’d like to think} have a little hunting buddy.
Overall we had a wonderful blessed Christmas! I hope you did too!
And so this is Christmas {2012} post 4
This year right before Christmas we were able to go spend some time with my side of the fam up at a cabin!
There was so much snow up there- it was heaven and the kids LOVED it!
They were able to spend time with some of their cute cousins close to their age { and were pretty much inseparable from them the whole time} Them having a blast is an understatement!
 We played fun games late into the night, had a white elephant Christmas exchange, relaxed and ate a ton of food and did I mention we played in the Snow!?
We tubed

 and sledded
 climbed up and went down the huge sledding hill many times!
 Dave tried to kill Levi on the tube-{like he pretty much does every yr :) } You would think eventually Levi would learn not to get on the tube behind Dave– :)

 We snow-machined around
  did I mention Sledding yet??  And how much of a blast the kids had?!
 And last of all I had to post this pic cuz it made me laugh so much– Payton surrounded by the girls playing Just Dance– he’s got some moves.
We were so thankful to be able to get to go up and spend time with our family for Christmas!