The News!
So I do have a reason as to why I’ve been such a huge huge slacker on my blog lately….
The first reason is:
 that my computer hard drive crashed– as in bad crashed– as in we’ve tried pretty much everything and I am stuck with a really ugly expensive paperweight– crash :( 
And in all the craziness of moving from house to house and building our house we didn’t have our backup system in place and I wasn’t being safe and smart so I did lose the last six months of pictures of my family that I’d taken :( It made me very thankful for my blog- I know it’s not the most interesting but it’s been my journal and even though I’ll not be able to have print quality pictures of the last six months I at least have something! But I will admit it really made me hate my computer for a bit and I still don’t have all my stuff on my new hard drive
The second reason is:
Our #4 is on it’s way! 
I’ve felt for awhile that we needed to have another baby but knew that we needed to finish our home and have a bit of a stable situation going on first– 
I of course wasn’t prepared to be blessed so fast with that wish :) and for some reason this pregnancy has been just plain miserable so far- with my other kids I would feel nauseous but not to bad- it was bearable and I could get it under control- this one -Oh My– There was a few weeks there that I was afraid to leave the house- I’m feeling a bit better and I can tell that it’s getting down to just a few hours in the afternoon usually 1–3 that I feel the sickest but ugh I have not enjoyed this at all :( I guess I’ve just been really spoiled with my other pregnancy’s — anyway though feeling sick and exhausted all the time has not helped me with getting much done on getting our house in order- so I haven’t had to much to blog about– unless you want to see tons of pictures of me cuddling with my little ellie bug watching cartoons :)

So I promise I will try to get it together soon and get some of the fun projects I have planned done and maybe possibly my blog will not be so neglected :) Soon!

Payton’s Baptism
So today was a very special day
Payton was baptized! 
He was so excited to be baptized!
 {I was hoping that we could have maybe waited another month so we could have been a bit more settled in the house and new ward- but he was so excited and we did want him to know that him being baptized is important and a priority in our lives- so we did it this crazy chaotic week of moving in :) }
I took some quick pictures of him and made a quick invitation to send around to family and friends {sadly I only got a few out– what can I say we’ve been busy!}
I also did something that I never do– I made it simple, said no to a luncheon/party and all that extra stress and instead said come out to eat with us if you want {It was a bit against my nature cuz I love throwing those kind of luncheon party’s and celebrating at home- but I also knew at this time I didn’t want to be having a stress breakdown! I wanted to make it fun moving in for our kids and not be a mom turned into a meanie monster! So simple it was!} 
Ultimately it turned out great!! 
I will admit seeing all the love and support for Payton from our family and friends {which we didn’t even get a picture of everyone who showed up!} brought me to tears- I am so thankful that we have so many wonderful people in our lives!
One thing that was kinda cool about his baptism is that both me and his Dad were baptized in the exact same church and font when we were 8 {I pretty much have the exact same picture of me with my dad!} 
Payton was really happy to see his friend Adam had showed up at his baptism!
{Adam became one of Payton’s best friends when we lived at my parents house– He’s now twelve and I have been very thankful for the amazing example and friend he’s been for Payton– He really is one of those amazing kids that you pray your kids will be friends with!} 

 Payton was also very excited about all the cool gifts and money he got today! He even offered to pay for our lunch today cuz he had enough too– { I told him no and that it was our treat to pay for him  :)}
Uncle Terry’s Family gave Payton a scripture case with a compass that he LOVES! {he’s actually sleeping with it and his scriptures right now- so cute!}
After his baptism those who could come came to Payton’s favorite Restaurant Chuck-a-Rama with us.
We had quite a group we took up a whole room :)
 Payton had tons of fun and of course ate a ton of his favorite food– Corn on the Cob!
It was also his great grandpa Jerry’s birthday today! So we celebrated that too! {Payton thought it was pretty cool to get to be baptized on his birthday!}
It has been a great day and I am so proud of my boy and the little man he is growing up to be!
{now if I could only figure out a way to keep him this age forever! The years are already flying away way to fast!}
But thank you everyone who came and supported him {and those who I know wished they could be there also!} We Love you guys and you made his day- Thank You!!
Moved In!!
Moved In!!
This is going to be quite the short post! But I just wanted to say…………….
Sure it’s taken us a week now to get all of our stuff out of all the places we’d stored it- and we still have a bit of stuff we need to get still -oy!
But yes sirree it sure felt like Christmas!
{I also can’t believe how much stuff we’ve amassed over 10years! Holy Cow– we’re definitely having a garage sale soon!}
Mainly though- I probably could have gotten things in their places a bit faster– and I still have a bit to do- but really I’ve so just enjoyed playing with my kids! I’m sick of house and sick of working!
I’m pretty sure my kiddo’s are pretty dang happy to be in our house too! Payton was so excited to move in he woke up at 3:30 in the morning trying to get us up and moving stuff!
Ultimately I’m happy! We have a house! Now I just have to make it a home!
Workin and Birthdays
Workin and Birthdays
Yep we’re still chugging along at our house…..
{Except for when I’m sick… like today– than I just get so frustrated that I can’t accomplish anything on my mile long list that I want to cry… bad sickness… bad!}
Anywho what we’ve mainly been doing is getting ready to pass off all our inspections and working on the outside yard. {Just to throw it out there- we passed our final electrical inspection and that was a huge sigh of relief for us since we did it ourselves and we’ve been worried it would drag on forever and ever and ever– but we passed!!! yay!}
 Dave got to get the big boy toys out last Saturday to work on spreading our fill dirt in our yard
and can you guess who was so super excited {and a pretty darn big helper for him!}
 Ya little Payter boy! It was cute to see him help and be all excited about getting to ride in the dump truck
 He’d also help by showing Dad where to back up to to dump the dirt.
 The other big thing that we got done on our house was the concrete pads were poured! Yay!
I did forget to take one of the sidewalk out front and the garage pad but you kinda get the idea :)  
I won’t lie- I’m super excited to have some BBQ’s on our back patio!!
Also this week we celebrated little Bryn’s Birthday! 
We tried lighting the candles outside and the wind kept blowing them out- so we finally took it inside and before we could even get halfway done singing Bryn had blown out all the candles! :) I don’t think she was excited or anything! 
 We got her some Polly Pockets and G&G Jones made her a pretty necklace, she also got a card and $2 bill in the mail from G&G Foster which she was excited about!
And for Payton and her birthday the BIG present for them was a Trampoline!
It’s been quite the entertainment while we worked on the house, and it’s so cute to hear Ellie say “tramp, tramp, jump tramp”
Overall it’s been a good week- now if only I can kick this sickness so I can get much accomplished this week– {who knows we might actually move in next week!!! ya I’m trying not to get my hopes up though :) }