Summer Days + a Kitty Cat
So pretty much as of right now my life consists of two things it seems……….
Working on our house and taking pictures.{when I’m not busy with one, I’m busy with the other}
This last little while I took my Niece’s Pregnancy Pictures{she trades me for cutting and coloring my hair– Love it!}
And than my Brother had his sweet little Tinzley 
{this was called grab a white blanket and my steal girls hair things for a super quick {cramped} session-cuz all my real newborn stuff is stuffed into storage somewhere} I think they turned out good though.
And I have the hardest time to remember to actually take some nice pictures of my own kids
We had some really pretty poppies growing in the weeds and so I grabbed Ellie for a quick 2min. session :)
and ya it was literally 2 min. This girl was not fond of the weeds :)
The other news in our family…. 
We got us a little Farm kitty…  we named her Meiko
{I must admit I’m not a huge fan of cats….. could be cuz I’m super allergic to them,but we needed a good mouser– She is a pretty loving and a cute little fast fuzzball}
Can you guess who just LOOVVVES her 
and is so so so super excited to have her own kitty?! 
ya I don’t know who either :)
Zeeta on the other hand isn’t quite sure— So far I think she just likes to eat all of the kitty’s cat food.. that’s why she’s keeping her around. 
Other than working on the house and taking pictures we’ve been trying our best to have a little fun with our kids this summer.
 We had a quick BBQ and played some kick ball with family
 And we bought a little swimming pool for the kids 
 They’ve really enjoyed that so far– 
{I like to torture them– made them sit in the cold cold water for a picture :) }
Other than that really it’s been House House House. We’re getting closer and I’ve been slacking on pictures but I’ll get an update soon :)
House Update
House Update
So this week was kinda busy… I started it out with an Formals session-
{So the next few days were took up with me editing ect}
They were such a fun couple! I call it my ultimate date night when we get a sitter and Dave comes with me to do a session– We get to get out, the lighting is pretty– I get to take pictures and be creative! Than we usually will go get dinner– It’s my Favorite Date :)
I will admit it we have been so burned out on working on the house– So burned out! {me more than Dave-even- which is a change} Dave pulled us along though :)
Eventually I put the third coat of Poly on {listening to Dave’s 80′s station while doing it– “Don’t stop Believin!” :) It was motivating}
 I {ya as in I, me, Ali– all by my lonesome} finished the Rest of the Pergo flooring
 It wasn’t so bad– just a big jigsaw puzzle with the ability to cut those pieces that don’t fit :)
We also started on the massive amount of built ins we have— {This is just one of the Attic Bookcases}
 Our Brother-in-Law Myron finished the mantle and I must say I am in LOVE {swoon!} I think he did an amazing job– {I must say my pic doesn’t do it justice- it’s amazing in person!}
 We tiled around the fireplace
 And Grouted the other tile in the house {I must say grouting was the funnest part of the whole tile job– I actually enjoyed that :) }

And I gotta blog about this……
Ya Dave got his wish– we got him a bike! {yes I’m scared to death of ending up a widow! Please please please be careful around motorcyclists! It could be my hubby! :) }
I feel a little like I’ve been jipped/tricked here though– cuz along with the bike {to keep him safe} He’s gotten new loud pipes– helmet, leather jacket- were gonna get some reflective patches– so ya I’ve been willing to get him all this stuff to keep him safe but at the same time I can’t but help feel a little like he’s tricked me into getting all that he could ever want for his bike :)  Ya I still love this man even if he is a Tricky Tricky Man.
And oh BTW they are installing our Cabinets right now as I speak!! I am so so so so so Excited!!
Birch Creek {Camping w/ Gus}
 So we finally took a break… and went to Birch Creek {camping} for a couple of days.
We took Gus :) {ya we named our cute little trailer} 
The kids had done a wonder to it playing in it these last few weeks and Dave is hereby grounded from taking it on his hunting trips if he doesn’t clean it out after he’s done!– Cuz it was a mess, and I was left to clean it :(
I felt a bit like Penny does here to Zeeta {Penny is Zeeta’s mom} 
RWARRRRRR! You stinkers! I just wanted to relax! :)
But in the end it turned out okay and we had fun! 
 The kids love being outdoors and just playing! 
I won’t comment on the state of their dirtiness! 
Little Emmy here loved loved loved that mud!
The Chalkboard table I made in Gus was a hit too with the kids :)
The guys cooked us delicious food! {Dutch oven Ribs! Yum} 
And a yummy Cobbler!
The guys had a blast fishing too!  
Payton was super excited about getting to use his new Leatherman {that he saved up his pennies for! :)
 It’s so nice to have so many cousins around that are close to our kids ages!
I’m glad we took a break and made some fun memories for our kids! Even if it meant I had much much more work and cleaning!
House Progress {slow} +I hate doing tile
House Progress {slow} +I hate doing tile
So we’ve been working….. just slowly
 I’ve never been a huge fan of tile– and while it’s not really that hard to lay– I just don’t like doing it {and neither does Dave}
So over Memorial weekend that was what we were up to…. laying the tile in our house
It was a miserable weekend…… raining and cold and Dave was a sick sick sickee boy…. so work was slow and torturous {we later found out he had pneumonia– ugh!}
Thankfully our Brother-in-Law Keri came over and helped us cut the tile otherwise I’m pretty sure we never would have finished it!
 I tried to make the best of it { Checking out my hubby’s butt while he works….. always a plus!  :) }
{Master Bath tile}
On Saturday and Monday we cut all the tile and laid it out,
{Kids Bath}
Than on Wednesday we thin set them in,
{Laundry room}
Than on Thursday and Friday I sealed the wood floor
 We were gonna try to put the last coat of poly on this weekend and grout the floor but…
We decided to take a break and went Camping up at Birch Creek instead! :)
{Now though vacation time is over and I gotta get to work again— another coat of poly here I come!}