House Status Update { Wood Floor}
House Status Update { Wood Floor}
So here’s the weekly house update :)
We’ve been working on the Wood Floor
 Isn’t it pretty! I love it! {yes I know we still need to sand it and finish it– but even unfinished I still love it!}
 I love all the characteristics in the wood, the darker one’s and the grain and the worm holes and ya just pretty much everything :)
 While installing the floor my main job was to cut boards and get them lined up and out in the pattern I wanted…. I loved looking through the stacks for my favorite boards and putting them in the floor in a spot that I knew I’d get to see them a lot :)
This one with the wavy curve is I’m pretty sure my fav. Favorite! So pretty!
We had most the floor done on the weekend { after a very long 14hr. Saturday}– but on Wednesday we finished off the Steps which had a bit of a chicken before egg thing going on with the Newel post– Let’s not talk about Wednesday it was a frustrating day and Thursday too—- We’ve just been a bit burned out on working on the house… ya just a little bit.
BTW though I Love the stairs– another one of  my favorite things in the house!
Anyhow Tomorrow we’re gonna be tackling all this in our house {the dreaded Tile}
 Here’s to another stinkin long Saturday– {bleh} I’m hoping Dave at least get’s feeling better {he’s a sickee tonight} Otherwise it is Really! gonna be a long day tomorrow.
Only 5 weeks left and hopefully this project will be over!
Brynley Graduated Kindergarten!!


 They had a cute little singing show for us! 
Dave took the pictures
While I attempted to entertain this little girl :)  Chocolate….. lots of clapping…
Plus I was a little shy to use my camera… you see we had brought the “big lens” 
the big white lens– {70-200} cuz well we’ve been to these before– it doesn’t matter how early you show up- you won’t be able to see {and 99.85% of the time my kids always end up on the bottom row}
You know what I’m talking about… right?!  You stand up and wave at the first so they know you came and are watching but than you sit down and maybe once every two min… the heads will align just right and you’ll get a glance of them singing.
So we brought the big one :) so we could focus in on her, but I’m sad to admit I’m still a bit shy especially in big public social situations so standing up with not only my camera but my huge lens on it was “ya– way outta my comfort zone” So Dave not shy at all.. Did it for me :) 
He took some cute videos, and being his first time using this lens and the camera on video mode I think he did pretty well  
{She was so cute singing….. course I’ve heard these songs for weeks now :) }
Brynley loved her teacher this year and waited for quiet a while so she could get a picture with him :)
 Little Levi also happened to Graduate this week too :)
course he was so stubborn {shy– it might run in our family } That he refused to walk :)
But Happy Graduation to Levi too!
Such a fun week– but what do I do now that it’s summer break…… AHHH!! 

Paint, Paint, and more paint.
Paint, Paint, and more paint.
 First off Ellie decided she’d show you just how I was feeling on being done with the painting…..
{Yay!!!!!!!! we’re done painting, we’re done painting! My wrist can recover- yay! –I can wear normal clothes again– Yay!– we’re done painting!!}
Our Entryway {Sherwin Williams Relaxed Khaki}
My choice :) Dave thinks it looks to grey {I think he’s crazy}
 The Study {SW whole wheat}
Ya Dave won the battle– Our house mainly has warm toned colors
Living Room {SW whole wheat}
Kitchen {SW whole wheat & Columbia Millet}
and try to ignore the light fixtures :) the shade is precariously just sitting on the light and we don’t have the pendant shades on yet and the kitchen light is hung to low :) fun times but it’s getting there
 Master {SW whole wheat & Columbia Millet}
Do you really want to know what happened?! and why our bedroom and kitchen living room is now multi-colored, and why I had to paint these walls 3 times already *sigh………. okay I’ll tell you.. embarresment and all :)
So I picked whole wheat because well Dave pretty much won with wanting the warm colors in our house. {I was leaning more towards white’s and greys :) } but our niece’s house is painted with a really dark warm brown and I love the way their house feels, so welcome and cozy… so I figured heck let’s go darker….. Ya it didn’t go so well….. the walls ended up turning orange in the middle of the day- bright brilliant pukey colored orange.
:( I cried and fretted and stressed and quite literally had an emotional breakdown….. I mean give me a little here I was on day 4 of painting non stop 10 hour days….. and now I literally hated the color.
So Dave, being the amazing husband that he is and knowing me pretty well, showed up home that night with 5 gallons of pretty much our fall back color– the color we’ve had in all our other homes– Millet.
So the next day I turned around and started painting all over again :) It was fun fun fun times.
Basement Stairs {Columbia Millet & SW sea salt}
{I aint’ gonna lie, I’ve been going through design bipolar disease– Desbilar :) yep just made up that name
I love the cool grey colors you see now a lot, and I love the light walls and creams and even whites, but I also love and want a warm comfy inviting home (and not to mention a happy hubby who likes those warm colors) so I literally haven’t know what I’ve wanted I’ve been going back and forth– ya so frusterating! and I feel like our house is showing the bi- polarness}
 Basement {SW Sea Salt}
 Guest room, a.k.a Kurts room :)
 {and no I’m not announcing anything here :)…. I just would like another baby and I’d like it to be a boy and I’d like to name him Kurt :) I’m not being picky or weird or anything :)
 Payt’s room {SW whole wheat & SW urbane bronze}
Yep all Payton wanted in his room was black walls {ya Black!} being a sane mom I said “ummm ya no” but he gave me his sad pouty eyes and I caved and gave him one black wall :)  not to mention a sweet light fixture– He’s pretty excited about it his room!
Girls Bedroom {SW intimate white & SW Priscilla pink in the closet}
Bryn of course wanted pink and pink and more pink ……. I thought I was going more with a creamy white with just a hint of pink… ya didn’t turn out so much that way but I still love the color and Brynley really likes her pink closet :)
Attic Room {SW Sea Salt  & Wool Skein}
My space….. I got to pick the colors….. and I love em…… nuff said :)
Attic Studio/ Bedroom {SW Marshmallow}
We Started the laminate floor upstairs it’s Golden Select Walnut ……. I’m loving it……. course it’s absolutly filthy right now and in this photo {what can I say I’ve been super super busy}
Busy with what you say?!
Well I’ve had many much paint cans and crap to clean out…..
And we’ve been laying this beautiful Product down on our floors {Red Oak #2}
I Love LOVE love hardwood floors especially this one…… I love all the different characteristics of the boards and the different color variations it comes in…. *sigh I’m one happy girl getting to put this floor down
{I’ll try to go over tomorrow and take some pictures of it down on the floor– it’s yummy :) }
 Zeeta I must say is wondering when the stink we might be done with this project so she can feel a bit more settled :) I told her never…. :)
{ but secretly I’m hoping in the next month}
PS. I really really really want to thank Everyone who helped me with the painting…. seriously every roll counted for me….. especially when I thought I couldn’t do anymore! {Shelly, Annette, Alysha, Mandi, Johan, Anne, Keri} I love you guys! Thanks so so so much!
{and Ty, Russ and Clark– who from hear out shall be know as the electrical Masters!….. Dave says “I love you guys” :) okay he more likely says…. Thanks so much man! no but really Thanks! }


Little Birthday Girl!
Sweet little Ellieana turned 2!
I gotta admit it birthdays are a big deal to me for my kids– I like to make them special– but with all that is going on right now– I was so not prepared for Ellie’s birthday! at all! we’re talking that the night before we went to the store to buy a cake {which I hate doing} and getting a present
Lucky for us she’s still to young to really care and Loved it all! It helped that my parents came over with a huge bag full of toys for her!
She was cute to watch open the gifts and eat her yummy cake :) Grandma Rowberry called and Ellie was all smiles while she sang to her :)
 This is Ellie’s “2″! When we’d ask her how old she was she’d do this with her hands and say two :)
 I love my little redhead cutie! She has the cutest personality and I just wish she’d stop growing! I adore this stage! Love you my little Ellie!