Every day I’m Spackilin Spackilin!
Every day I’m Spackilin Spackilin!
One day after working all stikin day on the house {like well pretty much everyday} we came home to this written on our fridge calendar–
{ Every day we’re shufflin….}
Needless to say we busted up laughing! Ally our niece left it for us! She’s so funny!
{if you have no idea what we’re talking about watch this}
 All that week though I couldn’t get the song out of my head as I was spacklin and caulkin
{everyday I’m Spackilin! Spackilin! :) It made it go a little faster and more enjoyable to be shufflin while doin it :) }
This week on the house we finished Trim work and built the bookcase’s in our living room {I love them!– they’ll eventually have base around them and a alder wood top with a craftsman column that goes to the ceiling}
The rest of the week really I spent spackling and caulking like crazy! My wrist hurt so bad from the caulk gun and my fingers still have a tingly numb feeling! {I was so thankful for the help we did get! I know I couldn’t have done it with out that and made it in time to paint on Saturday… so Thank You! Thank You! Shelley and Anne and the whole group that showed up Friday night!}
 On Saturday we got all the primer painted and the ceilings done! {Thank You Keri! }
 Next we have to spray the trim and the doors, than I get to spend the rest of the week rolling the walls :)
  I gotta admit I’m excited for the paint– I actually enjoy painting {the actual painting not the taping off and prep work for it — ugh} But I love seeing the colors go up on the walls! 

We actually have about 10 different paint colors going in our house! {I know I might be crazy!} but some of those are accent walls and stuff– so ya :) }

 After all the hard work of each day I still love going out and watching the sun go down each night– {especially with all the beautiful blooming trees right now! So pretty!}
 Some days I think we’ll never be done with this project and I’ll have to be a full time construction worker for the rest of my life– other days it seems possible we might actually get to make this a home someday soon! :)
Covering a Lampshade
Covering a Lampshade
For the light fixture over our table I really wanted a huge lamp shade and after pricing them out I just couldn’t find one that I was in love with- {and not to mention Dave isn’t totally sold on the idea} so I wanted something that wouldn’t kill the pocketbook if we decided we didn’t like it later on.
So I went to Walmart.com and found this big shade for about $15 and the smaller ones I think I bought at Target or Lowes {honestly I can’t remember it was that long ago now}
For the smaller shades I just bought 2 bronze pendants from lowes {they’re going in our study over our desk}
For the big one {I looked and looked and looked and couldn’t find anything for it cuz I wanted it to be bright and more than one light} than I found this at D.I. for $5
I know I know– kinda scary right now– but with a little paint and a bit of jimmy riggin- I think the light fixture will turn out great! {I’m at least excited about it! Dave still not so much – I think he thinks his wife has gone crazy- I keep telling him to trust me ( ya I really Really! hope it turns out ok )}
 Anyhow back to the Lamp shades :)  They were pretty boring and generic white
so I got some upholstery fabric- spray adhesive– my trusty little glue gun and went to work.
First off I pulled off the trim that went around the shades {it was just glued so it was a breeze to get off}
 Than I layed the shade on it’s side and rolled and traced and than cut about an inch or more extra around the lines so I could roll the top over.
Than I got nervous and quit taking pictures cuz heck I had no idea what I was doing or if these things were gonna turn out {I tend to do that a lot with projects– get halfway through and than panic :)– I’m sure I can’t be the only one that does that!}
But I ended up spraying the fabric and shade with adhesive and just rolled it on– rolled and glued the top around the top of the shade and than used the trim I pulled off on the inside to cover the fabric and finish it off.
{I know kinda crappy pics of the finished shades– but when we get them up I’ll take better ones :) }
It went pretty fast and was actually kinda relaxing just gluing away while we watched T.V.– {this was the night we discovered Duck Dynasty– all I gotta say is we needed this show– we’ve needed some good laughs lately! So funny!}
Anyhow I can’t wait to get them up and see if they actually look OK or if I’m gonna have to eat my “trust me” words to Dave– I sure hope not! :) I’ll keep you posted on that!
Little Piggies!
So Sunday’s round these here parts have gotten a little lonely and boring! {we use to go and visit Dave’s parents after church– but with them gone we get a little bored and the kids get a little restless}
So yesterday we went on a little walk to visit our new little Piggie.
{Yep! We bought a Piggie! It’s gonna live at Dave’s sisters house! The kids were pretty excited about it!} 
Last night the light was beautiful and with all the pretty trees blooming we just wanted to be outside!
{I’m pretty sure at this point there’s no chance Ellie’s hair is gonna go blonde :)  I mean look at all that red hair :) I love my little cute red head }
 The cute little piggies!
Zeeta wasn’t to sure as to what in the world these things were :)
The kids also had a kick looking at the chickens

Cute little piggies! It’ll be fun to watch them grow!
House update {catch-up}
House update {catch-up}
I know, I know– I have seriously been a big slacker on the house updates– but well nothing to much has really been happening– and lets admit it– all that has been happening is the boring not so pretty stuff :)
The Insulators came– {looked like a fluffy bomb had gone off in the house– those guys know how to make a mess!} But they were quick had it done in 2 days
 Than came the sheet rocker/tape texture dude {originally we were gonna do this ourselves but by this point we were happy to hire it out}
To put this nicely let’s just say this has been a huge HUGE mess!!— First the guy gave the impression that he would have a crew– and after we’d pretty much hired him- he than informed us it would be just him {ok? we thought– and asked how long} he said 3-4 weeks tops– we said alright if he’s gonna do it by himself at least he’ll do it fast and be in a decent time frame {faster than we could do it ourselves at least}
NEVER! NEVER! Do verbal contracts! {and be people like me and Dave who don’t like confrontation–we were stupid and naive!}
Needless to say the sheet rocker took 9 weeks!
Half the time the guy just wouldn’t show up– would show up at noon and work till 2 and started working another job before he was finished with ours and was pretty much just scum!– we had to harass and call and check up on him daily — and he’d just flat out lie to us—— {so frustrating– we were to the point of firing him but since we had a verbal agreement– we had no clue what the legal complications were– and if we could even get on another sheet rockers schedule before he could finish — he’d keep saying for sure this weekend I’ll be done! — So fun!}
We now have 10 weeks to finish our house- before we have to close on our loan — which for us is like 10 days practically since Dave works full time and really only has Saturdays — we might be a little stressed– just a bit crazy– { so if you see me with my hair standing straight up covered in sawdust and caulk– give me a little slack :) at least I didn’t submit to the temptation of shooting a sheet rocker and burying him in my backyard}
 We were trying to keep our Sanity while the sheet rocker worked so we worked outside on our yard
{You might question that sanity– cuz I made some mounds and dykes :) }
I really wanted a small yard– but that didn’t happen cuz of the way we faced our house for wind– and the 80 feet or so you need for the county from the road— so we got a fairly big side yard– so we built an area for a fire pit and hopefully some shelter from the road until the tree’s grow and we can get our rock wall in.
 We pulled all our sprinkler pipe and got the sprinkler system hooked up– {which I gotta admit I’m super excited about} I’ve always had to pull hose and that just sucks!
We bought some fill dirt {no where near enough to cover all our rocks} but dirt is so dang spendy :) Our kids have had fun playing on the piles– they’ll be sad when they’re gone :)
 We were pushing the sheet rocker so hard in the end we were practically on top of him with installing our doors and putting on trim.


 I LOVE love the trim! I’m excited to finish it and get to caulking it and painting!
 We have a ton {TON!} of work ahead of us– but it’s the fun pretty stuff now– so expect many much posts and pictures :)