Picnic at the Park
My brother and his cute family don’t live to far from us{only a couple of hours} but man we still hardly see them it seems– just so much always going on :) anyways
so when they invited us to a Picnic BBQ at the park we jumped at the opportunity!
Ellie I swear becomes 10 times paler around these two! :) 
We had lots of fun swinging and playing on the toys, eating yummy hot dogs and BBQ’d corn {yum!}
Little Zoe eventually at the end warmed up to me– most the time I got this lovely worried scowl every time I’d point the camera in her direction :) 
 Riley pulled out his kite and I don’t know who liked playing with it better the kids or the “guys”
 It was such a fun perfect day!! I love it when we get to go relax, hang out and create some fun memories for our kids!
DIY schoolhouse light fixture
DIY schoolhouse light fixture
So I love LOVE school house light fixtures!! I’ve been coveting them for in my house for along time now  but…..
I really couldn’t afford a $100-$200 price tag {restoration hardware} and even at $52 {wayfair} for 8 of these babies that is so outta my budget!
I’m happy to say though for $15 and some spray paint I have my School house light fixture!
I’ve seen the bulbs at Home Depot forever and I’ve seen the tuts online {like this one}of using the smaller bulb light base’s for the lights {the problem is I wanted the big bulb with the 4″ opening and not the smaller bulb– and I really wanted the curvy base :) }
So I searched and searched and found a curvy base for about $19 {here}you just have to buy the globe- so you’d have your light for $25 (since the big schoolhouse bulbs are at Home Depot for about $5)
I debated that for awhile and than found this post
She had ordered the parts separate from MyLampparts and just put it together
 {Dave’s a genius with electrical stuff so I wasn’t worried about him putting it together}
 So I bought this Canopy for $7 {here’s the link}
For the rest of the Light I needed
Light socket {link}
Bar {link}
screws{link}2 for each fixture
knobs {link} 2 for each fixture
comes out to around $10
{and the shipping wasn’t bad either- I can’t remember the exact total I just remember it wasn’t bad :) }
 I wasn’t a huge fan of the white so I knew I’d be spray painting them to the oil rubbed bronze
 I like to use a orangy bronzey gold color underneath because I feel it gives it a more realistic feel and you can sand the top coat to show a little of that.
 Coat of the oil rubbed bronze
 I love how they turned out {sorry for the crappy pic} we were in the middle of moving and I was in a hurry :)  But eventually when we install them in the house I’ll take some better pics!
I love my light with it’s beautiful vintage bulb and curvy base– it’s my favorite :)
The Happenings!

Where to begin– where to begin!?

Well these three all got their mission calls {don’t know what a mission call is go here to learn about it}

 My little Brother is going to Mexico City, in July
And Mom and Dad Foster are going to/left to Indianapolis, Indiana 
I won’t lie it’s been kinda hard– We are very very attached to Dave’s parents :) and for the last year I’ve gotten to spend everyday with them working on the house {I’ve been a very very lucky daughter in law to get to spend so much time with the most awesomest people you’ll ever know!} so we miss them a lot– but we also know that there are people that probably need them– more than we do right now–They will be some amazing missionaries!
And my little brother– I’m gonna miss terribly– We’ve gotten really close since we’ve been living with them–{ya know the daily after school chats :) } and I feel a bit like a mom to him since my mom has been so busy with her schooling—I’ll miss him no doubt but I’m very proud of him though and know he can and will be an awesome missionary!
Well that leads us to the next going on’s :)
We’ve moved!! 
No not into our new house {I wish!} but into Dave’s parents house- while they’re on their mission– It was a quick move really and we didn’t’ bring much– {yep our stuff is scattered all over now- some in storage, some at my parents, some in the barn, some here– It’s going to be called the great gathering when we finally get to move into our house :) }
But it has been really nice to be closer to our new house {just across the street} and to have a bit more space and not to be living with someone– that helps too! 
In moving though we’ve had some changes too– 
Zeeta went and lived with her mom “our niece & nephew” for a bit
Bryn missed her terribly {she loves LOVES her puppy}
Another thing that happened was we lost our Tiki (Lhasa apso) {we had him for 9 yrs} and he was a very good amazing dog– but he was getting old and had some arthritic problems and sadly one day he bit Ellie pretty bad on the wrist {and we had decided long long ago that we would never ever have a dog that bit} So so sadly Dave had to go put him down :(  I’ll admit it I cried a lot– and I missed him — and Brynley was pretty traumatized by it {she drew pictures of him with a frown and a bullet–ya pretty traumatizing} But it’s gotten a bit better now.
We did have lots of fun Celebrating Easter {we celebrated it early– so we could do it with Dave’s parents}
We had the annual awesome Easter Party– Egg hunt, with a yummy BBQ, Candy Throw, and the egg roll competition!  Needless to say it is a lot of fun- and our kids LOVE it! 
 Ellie’s first year coloring eggs– surprisingly she did really well– and liked it a lot!
 I love Easter Eggs!
 Grandma drew a grandpa egg :)
 Also the night before the party we got to welcome our nephew Kody home from his mission in Africa! Payton had fun helping color his banner!
 Going on an Egg hunt!
 Dave making sure Ellie was geared up for the Candy Throw!

 It’s a dangerous sport! :) but the kids sure love it!

The kids got quite a lot of candy :) 
{I loved how ellie was putting both hands in hers like she was relishing her spoils :) }
 Dave was in charge of the Egg Roll competition– {don’t you just love his business socks with his shorts :) makes me smile every time! Yep I’m married to that crazy hot man :)}
Brynley almost won the competition!– until she dropped her egg on the concrete :) She’s such a great girl though and really doesn’t let things get to her– she really just said – O-well and started peeling her egg :) I really love that about her personality!
Really I feel like this post could go on forever {I’m such a slacker blogger!} but that’s pretty much most of the happenings lately :) Life is great– busy– very very busy right now– but great!
Anxious for Spring
Maybe {just maybe} we’re just a bit too anxious for spring…………
especially since parts of the river still looks like this?!
Needless to say we have been cooped up long enough {we’ve had it-we’re going crazy over here} so we went fishing last night– in our snow boots and coats and gloves and hats and many many many layers of clothing!

I gotta admit even though it was cold– it was tons of fun!- I’ve missed just taking pictures for the fun of it and the kids were able to relieve some pent up energy!{always a plus}
It’s fun to be able to go out with friends and just enjoy Idaho! This winter has been a mild one- and I’ve loved it! No snow on the roads is always a good thing!
Spring is definitely getting closer– I can feel it- and man am I excited for it!
{not as excited as Dave is — he’s crazy with the fishing fever!}