Opinions. Opinions needed.
Opinions. Opinions needed.
So we have this { the house-  the outside isn’t quite done yet :)}

Which has caused me to drink way to much of this lately {hmm yummy Mnt. Dew aka. my stress reliever}
 As I’ve tried to make about the million of zillion decisions that come with said house :)
Honestly I’m a little overwhelmed- I am a very visual person so to not be able to see something and make a decision just about kills me.
And I really am torn on what I want— Well let me rephrase that a little-
I know what I’d really want but I have to be reasonable here- gotta please Dave too and some things are just to expensive– Gotta be smart on what I want to spend  $$ on and what is just a bit too much of an  indulgence.
{I’m sure everyone can relate to that– I’d love to have bead board ceilings and exposed beams and wainscoting everywhere- but ya that isn’t likely going to happen– cept I almost have Dave sold on some bead board ceilings in a few years :) yay! and I won’t lie I do have quite a bit of wainscoting already planned  }
So here’s my big dilemma right now, and what’s holding me up a bit on making my other decisions,
{we really don’t have much tile going into our house- I’m a big hardwood floors fan!- but in our bathrooms and laundry room though tile is just more practical and smart.
Master Bath
 is pretty much decided– it’s a 18×18 tile that I’ll lay on the diagonal and we’ll edge around some area’s with this glass tile mixture- and the back splash will be the white subway tile. Easy simple- decision made I’m happy.
But than we have
The Kids Bath—— HELP PLEASE {pretty pretty pretty please}
the kids bath kinda has two separate area’s– one that has the tub and toilet- and than the other area that has the vanity and linen closet-
Here’s one of my really crappy sketchy drawings of what the vanity area is gonna look like.
 Dave likes big tiles {I think it has something to do with them being easier to lay :) }
But I’d kinda like to do something fun—– I was thinking the mini mosaic tiles laid in the bath area and than bigger tiles in the vanity area with maybe a strip at the entry door way to unite the two.
Question #1
The mosaic tile has a bit of blue grey color – which is fine right now I’ll probably paint the walls blue anyways— but I know those colors will go out of style- and walls are easy to repaint– flooring though not so easy to redo.
Question #2
 Or should I go with the other tile style which has more neutral colors in it– do I do that all along in the bathroom area or do I just do stripes of it?
Question #3
 I really like the look of the vintage hex tiles and especially penny tiles should I just go with those–
 but than I worry about the care and clean up of them– that’s a lot of grout that can get dirty- and white– on a bathroom floor- do you think it’ll be very quick to get yucky- especially with little kids?
Or should I do something like this- with bars of glass tile and a neutral tile?
If you can’t tell I am having a really rough time making this decision! There are just to many options!
So Opinions Please! Pretty Please :)
Decisions- Decisions- Decisions {what paint and lighting and mantle to choose}
Decisions- Decisions- Decisions {what paint and lighting and mantle to choose}
We passed our electrical inspection! {Yay! Yay! Happy Happy Joy Joy!} which means we’re getting on to the fun stuff- the stuff I have tried to avoid thinking about because I didn’t want to get my hopes up that I’d eventually ever get to make these decisions- it’s now time! :)
Now that it is finally time to make them though I gotta admit- I’m a little paralyzed– so many choices!
Plus there’s dealing with the fact that we have
Dave’s style………..  {lots of wood, very warm colors- very traditional}
and than we have my style…………. {white, bright, a bit more modern}
and someway- somehow I gotta make these mesh and us both happy :)
It’s gonna be a little challenging!
I know what colors I’d paint the house- but it’s also a matter of finding them on the little cards and getting the  “A Ok” from Dave about them {I am in no way or form allowed to use grey he’s decided} I’m looking for a warm taupe grey brown :) anyone know of one? Ya It’s gonna be interesting
One of the most pressing matters though right now is our Mantle for the fireplace
I generally kinda know what I want to do- but you’d be surprised how many stinking very similar variations you can come up with of almost the same design :)
Yep did these last night– Now I’m more torn than ever on what to do.
I’m still pretty set on Brick in the middle  {not the whole wall}
{brick similar to this– even though I’ve never seen it with a wood mantle –or in person at all for that matter– and ya that makes me a little nervous- I love the look of the brick it just says home to me- so we are doing it!}
Dave’s already won the battle that the Mantle is going to be made out of Alder wood – I decided the darker medium stain though :)
Now if we can just figure out what it’s actually gonna look like :)
Oh Decisions Decisions— {I can’t complain to much though– cuz these are the fun decisions that I’ve been waiting forever it seems to start making :) }
Oh Yay! – It’s a good day!
What I’ve really been doing
What I’ve really been doing
What I’ve really been doing…………………………..
Trying to keep a normal sane life
Making treats for neighbors–{ big fail :) } but it was fun!

Trying to keep this girl stocked up on paper for her pictures– and wiping noses {trying to keep this from happening :) }
Making food :)
Trying to teach responsibility
Trying to keep faces clean {and enjoy those dirty faces 2}
Trying to protect and all toys from Zeeta and the kids from killing her :)
Trying to keep a Clean house {ya failing at that :) } and stay stylish {failing at that too- but oh man do I love my boots- I think we should all wear them my feet have never been so warm! } Wear boots everyday Check!
Trying to stay warm– {while whispering sweet nothings to my new lover– oh heater :) }
 Mostly I’ve been trying to stay sane while we tackle Electrical on our house– I hate Electrical– I’m not sure if I’m winning that sane battle :)
But the happy news is– we’re pretty much done with the Electrical!
Yay! Yay! Yay!Yay! I don’t think I can say Yay! enough!
 I’m so excited cuz we’re contracting out the Sheetrock and Insulation so than it’ll be on to the fun stuff and my favorite- Paint!
Christmas 2011
Santa Found us! {Course he almost didn’t make it- painting gifts at 2:00am Christmas morning isn’t as much fun as it sounds :) }
 I Love Christmas morning- Its always so fun to see the kids so excited about their new toys! 
Payton’s almost outgrown Santa – It’s sad how fast they grow!
 Brynley has been asking for a pillow pet forever- and I bought her one for Christmas- a butterfly one– only a few days later to have her specify a Unicorn one {ugh} so I went back looking for a unicorn one and found this– The GIRLS are in LOVE! Best $20 spent!
 Ellie also got a phone– this girl is all about the phones– everything’s a phone :)

Brynley got her very own Art set and another couple reams of paper {ya- she was in heaven! definitely have an artist on my hands here!} 
 They also got sleds- and have spent so many hours outside on the small hill!
 Payton’s favorite gift was his erector set remote control Car!
 I’d say he definitely is his daddy’s son!
Christmas was wonderful- we are so blessed to get to spend it with all of our family!