Babysitting Puppies
Remember this little cute puppy back at Easter that was so so cute with Ellie- but sadly was already sold–
Well the second batch of Puppies was born- and Dave is still very much wanting to have a Boxer.
Over Thanksgiving we we’re able to tend them for a week and get to know them a bit while John and Mandi were visiting their parents.
They were just barely starting on the Dog food and it was very fun to get to see them learn– now they are a bunch of oinkers whenever there’s food around :) 
{also ignore the really bad pics- they’re living in the garage with a heat lamp not good lighting at all}
They are so cute! I’ve actually really missed feeding them and getting to see them each day.
But in a couple of weeks or so we’ll be bringing one of our own home 
{I’m actually still torn on this decision, Dave’s set- but bringing a puppy home is a lot like bringing a new baby home they have to be really watched and taught and I’m just a tad bit busy lately– ugh– but when we go see them then I really want one too- I’m sure it will happen- Dave always wins :) }
So the decision is between these two 
{there was a third which was my very favorite but it died :( and I still get a bit emotional over talking about it- While we were feeding it, it choked and nothing we did -and we did all that we knew to– would help it– It was very very sad and heartbreaking}
But these two are very adorable and have very cute personalities to match
 {I personally like the white a bit- I think she’s very cute}
{Dave likes the full fawn color}
Which one would you pick?
The HOUSE {aka the reason I haven’t blogged much}
So I haven’t really known how to do the updates on the house– I don’t want to bore everyone to death with picture after picture after picture of us building our house– {cuz really there are a million pictures} So I haven’t been doing very many updates but my poor blog has been suffering cuz really this is what my life is right now- building our house. 
So if you get bored looking at so many pictures of our house sorry– {really sorry} but I’ll probably be doing a lot more posts about it especially now that we’re getting to the fun inside soon!
So the last update on the house on my blog I left you with was this
we had just finished getting the foundation poured- oh it was lovely- it was still summer and we had yet to really start the work on the house– and it was warm :)
This is where it’s at now….
and it’s cold like only 34degrees out there cold, but we have most of the exterior finished Yay!
I may have skipped a whole lot cuz it was a whole lotta work to get to this– so here’s the quick update with pics {a whole lotta pics}
 We built a bearing wall than a floor
 Than some more walls with some sheeting
 They poured the cap to our porch
 Than we did some Trusses
 A lot of Trusses with a big hole in the middle
 A hole where we had to literally custom build our attic dormer {many much work- took along time}
 I got a little scared at how stinkin big it was getting
 Ya we’re just building a castle here :) Had to be the tallest in the neighborhood ya know {ps this is much sarcasm I wanted a small home that would blend– it didn’t happen}
 Sheeting the roof and realizing that the backhoe as much as we love it was not gonna cut it we needed something that could reach to the top of that steep steep roof
 And ya we still got to see beautiful sunsets every night! {my favorite part}
 Steep Roof– I’m pretty sure I gained 10 pounds this month from the stress of seeing the people I love the most hanging by their fingernails and toenails on the roof.
 Custom building dormer roof area – Done finally Yay!
 Picking out the colors and I don’t think they could make those samples any smaller.
 The kiddo’s parade– They’ve love getting to spend so much time with Grandma and Grandpa Foster
 Snow and Slush and Rain in October before we could get the roof on– I love sweeping lakes of water off the floor :(
 We did one smart thing we hired out the metal on the roof- {hallelujah- I didn’t want to gain another ten pounds :) }
 The Fireplace– I sit in here and dream about when it’s working — sitting by the fire and reading a book during the cold — Instead of working outside in it :)
 We got Power :)  no more generator noise– yay!
 Many Much Cold Days– defrosting the Lull so we don’t slide off it
 Sunset and the outside 90% done :) 
 Stairs inside that we traded pictures for– Good Deal cuz we were so dreading doing them.
And now we’re on to finishing building walls so we can get the Subs in there– Yay!
Well that was the quick 90 second version of the last 4mo. of our lives :) 
Now I promise I’ll keep you updated and maybe actually blog more
ttys  xoxo  Ali
Truthfully in our case this was a “oh crap you’ve got to be kidding me it’s already Halloween and I have no costumes for the kids and it’s all in the storage container- HELP– kind of a holiday” :) 
Luckily my mom still had many Halloween costumes from when we were little kids that we could use. 
Payton was able to be an ARRGGH PIRATE! {my mom sewed that thing back in the day– it’s awesome!}
Bryn- Got to wear one of my old dance recital costumes and though everyone called her a genie she wanted to be a princess so she we called her an ARABIAN PRINCESS.
 An Arabian Princess who for the last little while has forgotten her normal natural smile :)
And Ellie was…… 
come on go ahead and yonder a guess….. 
She’ll most likely be kinda mad at us when she’s older– 
but it was to cute and funny to pass up
Here’s another clue…..
90% of people didn’t get it which made me realize I guess we really are Geeks :)
She was an EWOK.
See it now :)
Hope everyone had a fun Holiday– we sure did and now I have some more chocolate I need to go devour this morning :)
Busy Bee…
I may be slightly crazy I’ve decided—  remember when I was closing down my photography business for awhile cuz I was building a house and knew I wouldn’t be able to keep up with it for awhile..
Well ya- that didn’t happen so well- 
So on top of it all  I’m taking pictures still– {and I think I’m crazy for doing it} but in my defense most of all my sessions have been just for family and close friends- the people in my life who when I literally don’t have time to edit their session yet cuz’ I’m spending 10+ hours a day at our new house won’t freak out and write me off :) 
ya I like those kind of people right now–
 cuz the majority of the time I’m not holding it all together, I’ve forgotten a lot and I mean A LOT of stuff. {kids football, making dinner, putting on makeup, milk at the grocery store and sadly the list goes on}

 I’m pretty sure I have an addiction
I can’t stop taking pictures
I love LOVE getting a break and going out and taking pictures of amazing people at amazing places and I love looking at them afterwards  
–I might need some help–
 honestly though I can’t be the only one fighting this addiction?!
 I mean come on people fess up…
taking pictures is addicting and fun.
 and I love it- I love it so much that even though I’m going crazy building a house and trying to keep the rest of our life together and really don’t have time to be messing around with pictures right now- I can’t stop.

Taking pictures makes me happy- and Everyone deserves a little happy in their life I think. :)