My Huge Wood letter F
My Huge Wood letter F
So I’ve coveted a huge letter for awhile now– preferably an old one with lots of character. Usually when I found one though 1. I couldn’t afford the price tag and 2. I couldn’t find the letter F
also it crosses one off of my 30 before 30 list yay! {make a big word letter or words}
So when my niece put me on to the shop Cut it out- I was so excited!
 The guy did wonder if I was sane when I asked for a 36″ letter F. I guess the usual is for a thick letter about only 18″ tall :) But I knew what I wanted even if it was crazy
 I love doing fun projects like this where I get to play with my paints :) makes me feel like an artist even though I’m far from one.
 The finish for this one I painted a tan color- than brown and black along the edges- I used some crackle paint and also some walnut stain cuz I love the color of that- I think I even spray painted the edge to a flat black- than I put on top a coat of Country White latex paint {Really I just had fun with it}
 I would have liked to paint a million layers so it was really thick paint peeling off but let’s face it I’m not that patient.
 For now it sits on my piano– eventually when were outta the basement It’ll find a place by our mantle.
I’ve never been so excited for a hole in the ground
I’ve never been so excited for a hole in the ground
 We have a hole in the ground!
It’s so very exciting–
It’s just a hole- but hey it’s our hole for our house– that hopefully in the next century will be done :)
And look at that lovely pile of dirt {scratch that there aint’ nothing but rocks over there}
but we knew that already :) that’s why were planning on eventually building one of these suckers– bring on those free rocks :)
The Fourth…..
bit of dressing Patriotic
 bit of riding a motor bike for the first time
 {crazy me thinking oh it’s small it won’t be so bad– ya- It’s not something I enjoyed– I might be a little bit of a chicken }
 bit of the best hamburgers in the world– yum.
 bit of hanging out with cousins- blowin bubbles
 bit of sparklers- of course!
 and just a bit of these suckers :)
I don’t think the guys enjoyed playing with the fireworks at all :) 
I hope everyone else’s fourth was just as fun – I’m very glad to get to live in this amazing country.
Awesome Artwork

So for the summer I really needed a haircut– we’re talking REALLY– it had been a year– I know I know naughty. But my hairstylist aka my sis in law did have twins and she’s been really busy :) so I’ve been on the lookout for someone to do my hair.

Lucky for me my niece just graduated Beauty School and was willing to trade family pics for haircuts & colors! Sweet!
So on to the point– I took a pic of my new hair– posted it on facebook to show off my Niece’s great talent. 
{and yes for some reason I feel a little embarrassed by this pic :)  I’m kinda shy like that}
And my friend Joe Misrasi {who is an amazing Artist} contacted me about doing a commission piece for fun and for his portfolio
I love it and think he did a great job. 
If your interested in his work you should check out his site at 
He sells a lot of his pieces and also does commission work. But alas nope you can’t buy a huge pic of me for your walls :) cuz I know you guys were all thinking about doing that right :)  but in all seriousness check out his work it’s awesome and not the run of the mill artwork you see everywhere.