Summer is usually busy round these here parts– but this summer– HOLY Crap! It’s never been busier or funner!
Payter Boy’s Birthday snuck up on me this year{even with him reminding me everyday how many days were left :- let’s just say he was just a little excited for it} 
I wanted him to get to have a party this year since the last 2 years we’ve really only done the minimum that we could get away with on his birthday {it’s so close to the fourth, everyone’s busy, we’re always traveling– whine whine excuse excuse :) }– and he was okay with it never complained so I felt like he deserved a party this year for sure.
This momma was a slacker though for sure- so the day before and the day of I was running around like a chicken with her head cut off :)

Balloons- check
Ice Cream- check
Cake- check {even though it had seen better days before it fell out of the truck min. before the party :) }

Rainbow cupcakes– check thanks to the freaking amazing help of sister in law Dafne– I could not have put everything together without her– plus taking the time to make those is sure a lot funner with someone to do it with.
Soda +Ice + Cooler- check
Slipe n slide- check

Water Baloons- check

Back yard to do this in—- oh crap we have no backyard– so we ended up going to Dave’s parents yard but they were gone camping so talk about stressful– I made sure there was not an inch of grass out of place after that party :) 

 Presents– check

Grandparents who bought him a sling shot— still not sure what they were thinking other than they feel they need some broken windows :)

 Little adorable kids eating cupcakes– check :)

Ultimately the party came together and Payton had a Blast! {which was the whole point right!}
Next time though dear myself– Plan ahead you sucker- It makes life lots less stressful :)
You know how you can tell it’s summer…………
It’s finally warm enough that you can let your kids jump on the tramp with the freezing sprinklers spraying them.
{well you could let them do that when it’s cold too- but I try not to be that mean.. most the time :)}
The House Exterior
The House Exterior
I don’t know why I’ve struggled with consistently posting on my blog lately— I’ve been keeping myself busy -many much Projects I’ve been doing- why you ask–well -
 because building a House is a bit stressful especially when your just waiting on the bank to do their crap and they say 2-3 weeks but really they man 4-5 weeks. {insert me hyperventilating from the stress that the summer is halfway over and we still don’t have even a hole}  BREATH :)
It’s all good–
but since I’ve yet to take pictures of all the projects that I’ve been doing- I even on accident took some and put them in storage cuz they were driving me nuts here– we don’t have to much extra space. I’m gonna share with you the Exterior of our house.
The exterior I really wanted to have a craftsman/bungalow type of feel- but with a garage – cuz we NEED a garage- Need one. I also knew that I adamantly wanted a dormer/attic room-It was one place where I knew I wanted to splurge on the house- I love love love attic rooms and have ever since I played in my great grandma’s attic room as a child.  As for the details- Dave won the argument of having a metal roof– I’m not the fondest of the way they look but where our roof is going to be a pretty steep pitch it’ll be nice not to have to worry too much about maintenance on it. I agreed to it as long as it didn’t have to be Red, Blue or Green -I’m okay with the Dark Brown though.
The rest were doing vinyl siding with some vinyl shakes and white craftsman trim :)
 I’m painting my front door red {partly cuz I know there’s no way Dave will let me go with a bright yellow :)} and our side door on our house is going to be a pale blue– all because of that picture– I saw it, fell in love with it and have never forgotten it.
So it seems things are finally moving along—Yay! Were signing the bank papers tomorrow and I can pretty much kiss my time and life goodbye after that– I’m excited though– it’s gotta be better than the stress of not doing anything :)
What to do with an old window
What to do with an old window
What to do with an old window–
 Make a Command Center/ Organizational board
Here she was before– Just a window I fell in love with while thrift shopping– I even liked her just plain and missing her glass pane
 but she works good as an organization board too– and I love cork boards– probably a little to much.
The Low down of how I did it:
Measured openings
Designed a calendar and a to do picture
Printed at Sams Club t he2 prints and cut them to size
Put them behind the glass pane so I could us a dry erase pen on them
Found an old bulletin board and cut it to size- inserted and glued it in
 I’m pretty fond of it– what do you think?